Policy on the Publication of Occurrence Data

Effective May 1, 2018

1. Context

1.1 The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is the official government repository for data on transportation occurrences that are under federal jurisdiction. These data are collected according to the mandatory occurrence reporting requirements described in the TSB Regulations.

1.2 Under the Access to Information Act, most of the occurrence data collected by the TSB must be released upon request.

1.3 In keeping with the Government of Canada's Directive on Open Government, the TSB has committed to improving public access to occurrence data and to publishing it proactively on its website.

1.4 The TSB's core values are crucial to the successful achievement of its mandate. One of these core values is openness, which is expressed by actively sharing and exchanging information to advance transportation safety.

2. Definitions

2.1 "Occurrence" means a transportation event as defined in the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act and the TSB Regulations. It also includes a railway transportation event reported to the TSB in accordance with a memorandum of agreement with a provincial government.

2.2 "Occurrence data" means factual information about a specific occurrence collected by the TSB and retained in a modal occurrence database for purposes of investigation and safety analysis.

3. Policy objective

3.1 The purpose of this policy is to define the TSB's approach to publishing the occurrence data it collects.

4. Policy requirements

4.1 For each class of occurrence, all data recorded in the TSB's modal databases (i.e., the Aviation Safety Information System [ASIS], the Marine Safety Information System [MARSIS], the Pipeline Occurrence Database System [PODS], and the Rail Occurrence Database System [RODS]) will be made accessible to stakeholders and the public unless the data are specifically protected under the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act, the Privacy Act, or the Access to Information Act.

4.2 Tables of data (datasets) extracted from each of the TSB modal databases will be published on the TSB website monthly.

4.3 A data dictionary describing each of the fields in the datasets will also be made available on the website.

4.4 The data in the modal databases are recorded as provided to the TSB by third-party sources believed to be reliable. As many occurrences are not fully investigated by the TSB, data pertaining to some occurrences may not have been validated. Consequently, published datasets are provided on an "as-is" basis, and the TSB does not warrant their quality, accuracy, reliability, or completeness.

4.5 Other information collected in the course of TSB investigations and retained in specific investigation files or other repositories will not be published. Once an investigation is completed, an access to information request may be made.

5. Authorities

5.1 This policy is issued under the authority of the Board in accordance with sections 8(1)(b) and 8(1)(c) of the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act. It was approved by the Board on April 25, 2018, after consultation with the Executive Committee.

5.2 This policy will be reviewed and may be updated in response to changes in legislation, government priorities or TSB strategic direction, but at least once every 5 years.

6. Role and responsibilities

6.1 Chair

The Chair is responsible for initiating the periodic review and update of this policy by the Board.

6.2 Chief operating officer

The chief operating officer is responsible for the overall implementation, monitoring and oversight of this policy, as well as seeking interpretation and guidance from the Board from time to time.

6.3 Directors of investigations

Directors of investigations (DOI) are responsible for the timely input of occurrence data into the modal databases. The DOIs are also responsible for ensuring that the data dictionary describing the published fields is kept up to date.

6.4 Director, Operational Services

The director, Operational Services is responsible for ensuring that the datasets are prepared monthly.

6.5 Director, Communications

The director, Communications is responsible for ensuring that the datasets are published monthly on the TSB website.

7. References

7.1 This policy is based upon the following acts and regulations:

8. Enquiries

8.1 Questions about this policy may be addressed to:

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