Employee video profiles

Photo of Wendy Jolliffe

Wendy Jolliffe - Video profile (YouTube)
Senior Marine Investigator

Photo of Joel Morley

Joel Morley - Video profile (YouTube)
Senior Human Performance Analyst

Photo of Bernard Breton

Bernard Breton - Video profile (YouTube)
Manager, Regional Marine Operations

Photo of Yanick Sarazin

Yanick Sarazin - Video profile (YouTube)
Manager, Aviation - Standards and Quality Assurance

Photo of Stephanie Mersereau
Photo of Jennifer Chau

Jennifer Chau - Video profile (YouTube)
Financial Management Advisor

Photo of Daphne Boothe
Photo of Claude Girard

Claude Girard - Video profile (YouTube)
Administrative Services Officer

Photo of Dan White

Dan White - Video profile (YouTube)
Team Lead, Human Resources

Photo of Dan Holbrook

Dan Holbrook - Video profile (YouTube)
Western Regional Manager for the Rail/Pipeline investigations branch

Photo of Sandra Moore

Sandra Moore - Video profile (YouTube)
Executive support and scheduling officer

Photo of Geneviève Corbin

Geneviève Corbin - Video profile (YouTube)
Strategic Communications Advisor

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