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Marine Transportation Safety Advisory Letter 02/22

November 1, 2022

City Manager
Toronto ON M5H 2N2

Subject :

Marine Transportation Safety Advisory Letter 02/22 (occurrence M22C0231)
Safety issues on passenger vessels owned by the City of Toronto

On 20 August 2022 around 1700, the passenger ferry Sam McBride, with approximately 910 passengers and 6 crew on board, struck the dock while berthing at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal in Toronto, Ontario. One passenger sustained serious injuries and 19 other passengers sustained minor injuries. No major pollution or damage to the vessel was reported. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada investigation into this occurrence (M22C0231) is ongoing.

During the course of an investigation, the TSB may communicate safety issues before an investigation is complete. This communication is undertaken to ensure that those best able to take remedial action and effect change are made aware of the identified safety issues in a timely manner. As the TSB is not a regulator, the identified issues are related to safety and not necessarily to regulatory compliance.

Investigation M22C0231 has identified some safety issues relating to emergency preparedness, passenger safety management, and lifesaving equipment on one or more vessels operated by the City of Toronto. These issues are as follows:

Emergency preparedness and passenger safety management

Lifesaving equipment

The above information is provided to help you take action as deemed appropriate. The TSB would appreciate being advised of any action that is taken in this regard. An investigator may follow up with you at a later date. Upon completion of investigation M22C0231, the Board will release its report into the occurrence.


Original signed by

Clifford Harvey

Director, Investigations - Marine