News release

Update on investigation into OC Transpo - VIA Rail collision in Ottawa

Gatineau, Quebec, 20 September 2013 — The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) continues its investigation into the 18 September OC Transpo collision with VIA Rail passenger train 51 and today has released factual information to date.

What we know

Sequence of events on Wednesday, 18 September, 2013


Train and train tracks

OC Transpo Bus

Next steps

The TSB team is in the field phase of this investigation. We’ve completed our documentation and data collection at the site, but much work needs to be done. Going forward we will focus our efforts on:

Crossing design and associated risk

OC Transpo Bus

Human Factors


This investigation will require considerable time and effort. The TSB is committed to conducting a comprehensive and thorough investigation. Our efforts will be aimed at explaining what happened and why, in the hopes that what we learn will help prevent accidents like this. If at any time during the investigation a safety deficiency is identified which requires immediate attention, we will notify the appropriate authorities and inform the public.

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