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TSB # C01/2010


(Gatineau, Quebec, March 16, 2010) – Calling it a "blueprint for change" the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) today released a "Watchlist" that points to nine critical safety issues troubling Canada's transportation system.

"These issues pose the greatest risk to Canadians," said Board Chair Wendy Tadros. "There is no higher priority. It's time for industry and regulators to step up and tackle these nine critical issues."

According to Ms. Tadros, the TSB Watchlist took shape after analysts found troubling patterns in their work. "Many times, we arrive on the scene of an accident and see the same safety issues—issues that we have raised before."

Singled out by the Board were the frequency of collisions at railway crossings, the lack of emergency preparation on Canada's large passenger vessels, and the consequences should an airliner fail to stop on one of Canada's runways.

"Airlines, ferries, railways—we're talking about tens of millions of trips annually," said Ms. Tadros. "We need the right players at the table to tackle these tough issues to make the system safer."

As an independent government agency, the Board already publishes its findings in public reports and makes frequent recommendations. Ms. Tadros, however, said that while she was generally pleased by Canada's track record in advancing safety, it's time for a more focused effort.

"In some cases industry and regulators share our concerns. However, we know from hard experience, if persistent problems are not addressed, there will be another accident. That is why we have our Watchlist."

To bolster the impact of the Watchlist, the TSB is releasing a series of fact sheets, outlining the scope of each issue and providing background and solutions. Looking forward, Ms. Tadros added that she hopes the list will evolve as progress is made. "We're not saying it will be easy, but we're saying it's time to act. We're calling on change agents to work together and solve these problems, and make transportation safer for all Canadians—that's our goal."

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