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TSB Quarterly Review — Second quarter 2019-20

ISSN 2369-7954

October 2019

Chair's message

It was a very busy summer for the TSB. From July to September, we deployed investigators to 20 occurrence sites across the country, and released 12 investigation reports. We also posted 4 summaries of class 5 investigations, published 19 new investigation pages, and provided 41 status updates for all active class 1-3 investigations.

Annual Report tabled

In July, our Annual Report for 2018–19 was tabled in Parliament. This report discusses key annual statistics on occurrences in the aviation, marine, rail and pipeline modes of transportation under federal jurisdiction, and how we worked to advance safety for travelers and industry workers in all four sectors across Canada and internationally. Efforts to modernize and streamline our investigation process continued to pay dividends in 2018–19. The annual number of investigations completed increased for a second year in a row by 18% in 2018–19 and by 81% since 2016–17.

Image of Annual Report for 2018–19 cover
Image of Watchlist 2018 cover

Watchlist consultations

It’s been nearly a year since we launched Watchlist 2018. It is therefore timely to connect with our stakeholders to get their insights and updates. To do this, we recently sent out questionnaires to a number of key stakeholders, soliciting their feedback on the Watchlist and inquiring about their progress on safety issues within their mode of transportation. This survey will inform panel presentations and other discussions we will be holding with industry members at several major conferences and events this fall. The feedback we receive will be shared among participants and posted on our website

Policy updates

The Board has made adjustments to two important TSB policies based on feedback from stakeholders and investigators.

New Chief Operating Officer

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome André Lapointe as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the agency. Mr. Lapointe is a seasoned executive, with 28 years of work experience in the public service, including 19 at the executive level. Between 2014 and his joining the TSB in 2019, he served as Transport Canada’s Assistant Deputy Minister of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer. On behalf of the TSB and all stakeholders, I would like to sincerely thank former COO Jean Laporte for his leadership and his 35-year dedication to transportation safety. Mr. Laporte retired from the public service last September.

André Lapointe
Chief Operating Officer, TSB

Completed investigations

Post-deployment summaries

New investigation pages