Watchlist 2012

The Watchlist—based on an analysis of hundreds of Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) investigation reports, safety concerns and Board recommendations—identifies the transportation safety issues that pose the greatest risk to Canadians. In each case, the TSB has found that actions taken to date are inadequate, and that industry and regulators need to take additional concrete measures to eliminate the risks.

The first Watchlist was released in 2010. The TSB intended it to serve as a blueprint for change in the transportation sector—and that's exactly what it did. It generated broad discussion and engagement by the regulators and industry stakeholders. Now, two years later, 14 of the Board recommendations underpinning the Watchlist have received the TSB's highest rating of "Fully Satisfactory".

Our mission is far from complete: it's time for a Watchlist update—addressed issues have been removed; new ones have been added; and some still remain. As Canadians travel from coast to coast to coast, they can do so knowing that the TSB will continue to push for safety along our waterways, on our railroads, and in our skies.