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Marine occurrence and vessel data from January 2004

Information about the data

The TSB is publishing selected data pertaining to accidents and reportable incidents from its Marine Safety Information System (MARSIS) for use by professionals and the public to advance transportation safety.

The marine data files (in CSV format) are released on or soon after the 15th of each month, and contain data from 01 January 2004 to the last day of the month preceding their release.

There are two data sets, each in CSV format:

  1. The Occurrence data set can be used to obtain counts of occurrences, but note that it contains the data for the primary vessel only.
  2. The data for all vessels involved in an occurrence are captured in the Vessel data set.
    • For occurrences involving multiple vessels, each vessel is reported in a separate row and the occurrence identification number is replicated in each row.
    • In the event that one vessel was affected by more than one type of accident or incident in the same occurrence (e.g., collision and grounding), each category of accident/incident affecting the vessel is reported in a separate row and the vessel data and occurrence identification number are replicated in each row.
    • The indicators specify which vessel or which accident/incident was designated primary.

The data are described in the accompanying Occurrence data dictionary (CSV) and Vessel data dictionary (CSV).

Note that the abbreviation N/A in these files means "not applicable".

As these data are extracted from a live database that captures the results of ongoing investigations, historical data are subject to change, with the oldest data being the most stable. As many occurrences are not investigated fully (see the Occurrence Classification Policy), information recorded on some occurrences may not have been verified.

TSB data are collected according to the mandatory occurrence reporting requirements described in the TSB Regulations. On 01 July 2014, the TSB issued new regulations that changed some reporting requirements. Data prior to this date were collected under the reporting requirements described in the TSB Regulations in effect at that time.

Additional information will be added as it becomes available for publication.