Aviation Investigation Report A98H0003

1.13.3  Injury Patterns

All passengers and crew died instantly from a combination of the deceleration (g)[61] and impact forces when the aircraft struck the water. The degree of injury suggests that the longitudinal impact forces were in the order of at least 350 g. There were no signs of exposure to heat found on any of the human remains that were recovered. The injury patterns were consistent with fore and aft forces with a right lateral component of about 15 degrees, which is consistent with the information related to attitude of the aircraft at the time of impact.

[61] The "g" loads are those forces affecting a vehicle and its occupants resulting from rapid changes in speed (accelerations or decelerations). The normal measure of "g" load is the "load factor" or "g," which is the ratio of the force experienced under acceleration to the force that would exist if the object was at rest on the surface of the earth.

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