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Investigation numberOccurrence dateReport titleOccurrence location

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5/29/2013 Loss of tail rotor effectiveness, and collision with terrain, Aurora Helicopters Ltd. (dba Wood Buffalo Helicopters), Bell 206B C-FZWB, Fort McMurray, Alberta 75 nm N Fort McMurray, Alberta 75 nm N

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1/27/2013 Loss of control and in-flight breakup, Gemini Helicopters Inc., Robinson R44 Raven II (Helicopter), C-GOCM, Fox Creek, Alberta 21 nm SW Fox Creek, Alberta 21 nm SW

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8/6/2013 Loss of control and collision with terrain, TylAir Aviation Ltd., Cessna 172L, C-FQTR, Kamloops, British Columbia, 30 nm west Kamloops, British Columbia, 30 nm west

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6/29/2013 Mid-air collision, Cessna 150F, C-FSQQ and, STEMME S10-VT, C-FHAB, Pemberton, British Columbia, 3 nm W Pemberton, British Columbia, 3 nm W

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7/4/2013 Loss of control and collision with water, Cessna 182, C-FIUE, Griffith Island, Ontario Griffith Island, Ontario

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3/11/2013 Runway incursion and risk of collision, Sunwing Airlines vehicle and, Air Canada EMB190 C FLWH, Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

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1/23/2013 Controlled flight into terrain, Kenn Borek Air Ltd., de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter C-GKBC, Mount Elizabeth, Antarctica Mount Elizabeth, Antarctica

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7/1/2013 Collision with water, Custom Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter), C-GQQT, Gull Lake, Manitoba Gull Lake, Manitoba

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2/10/2013 Continued visual flight into instrument, meteorological conditions – Collision with terrain, Cessna 210C C-FWUX Waskada, Manitoba, 3 nm N

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7/3/2013 Loss of control and collision with water, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Air Services Division, CL-415, C-FIZU, Moosehead Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador Moosehead Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador

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3/27/2013 Nosewheel failure on landing, Air Labrador Limited, de Havilland DHC-6-300, C-FOPN, St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador

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8/26/2012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, Alta Flights Limited, Cessna 172M C-GRGW, Claresholm, Alberta, 22 nm WNW Claresholm, Alberta, 22 nm WNW

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7/10/2012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, Horizon Helicopters Ltd., Robinson Helicopter R44 II, C-GHZN, Carcross, Yukon, 5 nm E Carcross, Yukon, 5 nm E

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3/30/2012 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B JetRanger (Helicopter) C-GLQI, Loder Peak, Alberta 0.4 nm NW Loder Peak, Alberta 0.4 nm NW

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1/9/2012 Runway overrun, 1263343 Alberta Inc. (dba Enerjet), Boeing 737-700, C-GDEJ Fort Nelson, British Columbia

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10/15/2012 In-flight engine fire leading to a forced landing, Piper PA-34-200, C-GNAS, Nadeau Air Service Inc., Victoriaville, Quebec, 2 nm E Victoriaville, Quebec, 2 nm E

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9/10/2012 Hard landing and aft fuselage strike, C-GUON DHC-8-301, Operated by Jazz Aviation LP, Gaspé Airport, Quebec Gaspé Airport, Quebec

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2/21/2012 Smoke in the cabin, Pascan Aviation Inc., Beechcraft B100, C-FLKS, Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport, Quebec Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport, Quebec

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8/13/2012 Collision with Terrain, Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche C-GLGJ Kelowna, British Columbia, 18 nm W

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8/13/2012 Engine power loss and ditching, Helijet International Inc., Sikorsky S-76A (Helicopter), C-GHJT, Langara Island, British Columbia Langara Island, British Columbia

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6/1/2012 Loss of visual reference and collision with terrain, Bailey Helicopters Limited, Eurocopter AS350-B2 (Helicopter), C-FBHN, Terrace, British Columbia 14 nm W Terrace, British Columbia 14 nm W

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5/13/2012 Controlled flight into terrain, de Havilland DHC-2 MK 1 (Beaver) C-GCZA, Peachland, British Columbia, 10 nm W Peachland, British Columbia, 10 nm W

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3/17/2012 Runway excursion, Northern Thunderbird Air Inc., Beechcraft 1900C, C-GCMZ, Blue River, British Columbia Blue River, British Columbia

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1/17/2012 Engine power loss and hard landing, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Eurocopter AS 350 B3 (helicopter), C-FMPG, Cultus Lake, British Columbia, 1.5 nm E Cultus Lake, British Columbia, 1.5 nm E

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10/8/2012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, SOCATA TBM 700N, C-FBKK, Renfrew, Ontario 20 nm SW Renfrew, Ontario 20 nm SW

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8/24/2012 Collision with terrain, Waterloo Wellington Flying Club, Cessna 172S, C-FNET, Moorefield, Ontario Moorefield, Ontario

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5/28/2012 Engine failure during initial climb-out, Air Canada, Boeing 777-333ER, C-FITW, Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

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5/25/2012 Loss of control and collision with water, Cochrane Air Service, de Havilland DHC-2 Mk.1, C-FGBF, Lillabelle Lake, Ontario Lillabelle Lake, Ontario

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3/8/2012 Loss of separation and risk of collision, NAV CANADA − Toronto Area Control Centre, London, Ontario, 20 nm NW London, Ontario, 20 nm NW

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1/15/2012 Runway overrun, Air Bravo Corporation, Pilatus PC-12/45 C-FPCN Timmins/Victor M. Power Airport, Ontario

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5/28/2012 Mid-air collision, between Beechcraft V35B, N6658R, and Piper PA-28-140, N23SC, Warrenton, Virginia, 6 nm S Warrenton, Virginia, 6 nm S

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11/18/2012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, Gogal Air Services Limited, Cessna 208B, C-GAGP, Snow Lake, Manitoba Snow Lake, Manitoba

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10/16/2012 Collision with terrain, Aerofab Inc., Lake 250, C-GZLC, Pickle Lake, Ontario Pickle Lake, Ontario

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8/1/2012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, Cessna 180G, N4695U Trout Lake, Ontario

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7/5/2012 Controlled flight into terrain, Sunrise Helicopters Incorporated, BELL 206B C-GUIK, Angusville, Manitoba, 6 NM SW Angusville, Manitoba, 6 NM SW

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5/12/2012 Mid-air collision, Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow, C-GLAJ, and, Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer, C-GFCH, St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, 8 nm W St. Brieux, Saskatchewan, 8 nm W

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1/10/2012 Loss of control and collision with terrain, Keystone Air Service Limited, Piper PA31-350 Navajo Chieftain, C-GOSU, North Spirit Lake, Ontario North Spirit Lake, Ontario

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8/12/2012 Engine failure and hard landing, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited, Bell 407 (Helicopter), C-FTJU, Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador, 4 nm SW Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador, 4 nm SW

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8/13/2012 Runway Overrun, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Ilyushin IL-76TD-90VD, RA-76511, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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11/30/2011 Controlled flight into terrain, Trek Aerial Surveys, Cessna 185E C-FXJN Fort St. John, British Columbia, 12 nm E

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10/5/2011 Continued visual flight into instrument, Meteorological conditions - collision with terrain, Rotorworks Inc., Bell 206B (helicopter), C-FHTT Drayton Valley Industrial Airport, Alberta, 1 nm S

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10/4/2011 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Air Tindi Ltd., Cessna 208B Caravan, C-GATV Lutsel K'e, Northwest Territories, 26 nm W

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9/22/2011 Loss of control and collision with building, Arctic Sunwest Charters, De Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter, C-GARW Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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5/20/2011 Loss of Control - Collision with Water, Campbell Helicopters Ltd., Bell 212 C-FJUR Slave Lake, Alberta, 12 nm W

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3/31/2011 Loss of control – In-flight breakup, Black Sheep Aviation & Cattle Co. Ltd., de Havilland DHC-3 Otter C-GMCW Mayo, Yukon, 38 nm NE

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8/29/2011 Risk of collision, Sky Regional Airlines Incorporated de Havilland DHC-8-402 C-FSRY, and, Propair Incorporated Beech A100 King Air C-GJLJ Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec

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8/27/2011 Collision with terrain following night-time takeoff, Robinson R44 Raven II (Helicopter) C-GEBY, Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec Saint-Ferdinand, Quebec

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7/18/2011 Engine stoppage and forced landing on water, Air Tamarac Inc., Cessna A185E C-FZNK, Bostonnais River, 10 nm, northeast of La Tuque, Quebec, northeast of La Tuque, Quebec,

Adobe© PDF548 KB
3/12/2011 Runway excursion, Tri Marine Management Company LLC, Bombardier BD100-1A10, N818RC, Iqaluit, Nunavut Iqaluit, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF1,143 KB
3/1/2011 Three helicopters refuelled with wrong fuel type, Robinson R44 Raven II (Helicopter) C-FNZO Forestville, Quebec

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2/7/2011 Risk of collision, Air Inuit Ltd., between DHC-8-314 C-GUAI, and DHC-8-102 C-FCJD Puvirnituq, Quebec, 117 nm South

Adobe© PDF901 KB
10/27/2011 Loss of Control and Collision with Ground, Northern Thunderbird Air Inc., Beechcraft King Air 100, C-GXRX, Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, British Columbia Richmond, British Columbia

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7/31/2011 Main-rotor strike and collision with terrain, VIH Helicopters Ltd., Bell 407 (Helicopter), C-GNVI, Stewart, British Columbia 14 nm N Stewart, British Columbia 14 nm N

Adobe© PDF1,013 KB
7/5/2011 Aerodynamic stall and collision with terrain, Pacific Flying Club, Cessna 152, C-GZDR, Harrison Lake, British Columbia, 10 nm W Harrison Lake, British Columbia, 10 nm W

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4/15/2011 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA − Vancouver Tower, Vancouver International Airport, Richmond, British Columbia Richmond, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF950 KB
2/9/2011 Midair collision, between Cessna 150G C-FVXY and, Cessna 150L C-GZUB Dewdney, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF414 KB
12/14/2011 Loss of control – collision with terrain, Cessna Cardinal 177A, C-FEFQ Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier Intl, Ontario 1.9 nm W

Adobe© PDF923 KB
11/28/2011 Collision with terrain, Great Lakes Helicopter Corp., Robinson R22 Beta (helicopter) C-GVAR Region of Waterloo International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,032 KB
11/2/2011 In-flight separation of main rotor blade and collision with terrain, Sunrise Helicopters Inc., Bell 206L, C-GDQH, Kapuskasing, Ontario, 15 nm S Kapuskasing, Ontario, 15 nm S

Adobe© PDF167 KB
9/8/2011 Stall and collision with water, Georgian Bay Airways, Found FBA-2C2 Bush Hawk-XP, C-GYWK Parry Sound, Ontario

Adobe© PDF420 KB
6/17/2011 Runway excursion, Skycharter Ltd., Dassault Falcon 10 C-GRIS Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,128 KB
3/13/2011 Erroneous air data indications, Sunwing Airlines Inc., Boeing 737-8Q8, C-FTAH, Toronto–Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF2,138 KB
9/4/2011 Runway Excursion, Trans States Airlines LLC, Embraer EMB-145LR, N840HK, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, Ottawa, Ontario

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8/20/2011 Controlled flight into terrain, Bradley Air Services Limited (First Air), Boeing 737-210C, C-GNWN, Resolute Bay, Nunavut Resolute Bay, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF1,759 KB
7/23/2011 Inadvertent Descent During Departure, Cougar Helicopters Inc., Sikorsky S-92A (Helicopter), C-GQCH, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, 200 nm E St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, 200 nm E

Adobe© PDF315 KB
1/14/2011 Pitch Excursion, Air Canada, Boeing 767-333, C-GHLQ North Atlantic Ocean, 55°00'N 029°00'W

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9/13/2011 Freewheel-assembly malfunction during practice autorotation landing, Wisk-Air Limited, Bell 206B (helicopter), C-GDPE Thunder Bay, Ontario

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7/4/2011 Runway Overrun, Beaver Air Services Limited Partnership, (Missinippi Airways), Cessna 208B, C-FMCB Pukatawagan, Manitoba

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6/30/2011 Collision with Terrain, Lawrence Bay Airways Ltd., De Havilland DHC-2, C-GUJX Buss Lakes, Saskatchewan, 2 nm SE

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5/27/2011 Engine power loss — forced landing, Expedition Helicopters Inc., Eurocopter AS 350 B-2 (helicopter), C-GSSS, Butler Lake, Ontario Butler Lake, Ontario

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4/1/2011 Double engine power loss and forced landing, Fugro Aviation Canada Limited, CASA C-212-CC40, C-FDKM, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF1,197 KB
12/10/2011 Stuck elevator control, Exploits Valley Air Services Limited, Hawker Beechcraft 1900D, C-GLHO, Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF1,026 KB
7/16/2011 Runway Overrun, Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd., Boeing 727-281, C-GKFJ, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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10/25/2010 Stall on Approach/Loss of Control, Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Beechcraft King Air 100 C-FAFD Kirby Lake, Alberta

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9/24/2010 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Cirrus Design Corporation SR22, C-FGLA Sundre, Alberta, 5 nm NW

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3/2/2010 Runway Incursion, NAV CANADA, Calgary Tower Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF726 KB
3/1/2010 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Edmonton Area Control Centre/ Yellowknife Tower Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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12/9/2010 Engine failure and hard landing, Essor-Hélicoptères Inc., Bell 206B (helicopter), C-GIFV Cap-Chat, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,055 KB
11/30/2010 Runway excursion, American Airlines Incorporated., Boeing 737-823, N901AN, Montreal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau, International Airport, Quebec International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF748 KB
9/22/2010 Bird Strike on Take-off and Collision with Terrain, Max Aviation Inc., Beechcraft B100, C-FSIK Montmagny Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF752 KB
9/1/2010 Loss of Visual Reference - Collision with Trees, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Eurocopter AS350 B-2 (Helicopter), C-GHVD Chibougamau, Quebec, 12 nm NW

Adobe© PDF675 KB
8/16/2010 Collision with Sea, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited, Bell 206L (Helicopter), C-GVYM Clyde River, Nunavut 40 nm NW

Adobe© PDF894 KB
8/17/2010 Loss of visual reference with the ground, loss of control, collision with terrain, Héli-Excel Inc., Eurocopter AS350-BA (Helicopter) C-GIYR Sept-Îles, Quebec, 22 nm N

Adobe© PDF219 KB
7/24/2010 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Nordair Québec 2000 Inc., de Havilland DHC-2 Mk. 1 C-FGYK La Grande-Rivière Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF935 KB
7/16/2010 Controlled Flight into Terrain at Cruising Altitude, Air Saguenay (1980) Inc., de Havilland DHC-2, C-GAXL Lake Péribonka, Quebec, 12 nm WSW

Adobe© PDF1,562 KB
6/23/2010 Engine Problem - Collision with Terrain, Aéropro (2550-4330 Québec Inc.), Beechcraft A100 King Air C-FGIN Québec, Quebec

Adobe© PDF416 KB
6/3/2010 Collision with Water, Lake Buccaneer LA-4-200 (Private), C-GGFK Lac Berté, Quebec

Adobe© PDF987 KB
5/19/2010 Collision with Terrain, Sasair Inc., Cessna 172 C-FEAR L'Isle-aux-Grues, Quebec

Adobe© PDF428 KB
1/2/2010 Cabin Fire, Skyjet M.G. Inc., Beech 200, C-FSKQ Sept-Îles Airport, Québec

Adobe© PDF1,245 KB
12/15/2010 Engine Failure - Hard Landing, VIH Helicopter Ltd., Bell 407 (Helicoper) C-GNVI Blue River, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF219 KB
7/31/2010 Collision with Terrain, Conair Group Inc., Convair 580 C-FKFY Lytton, British Columbia, 9 nm SE

Adobe© PDF853 KB
7/29/2010 Loss of Engine Power and Landing Rollover, Transwest Helicopters Ltd., Bell 214B-1 (Helicopter), C-GTWV Lillooet, British Columbia, 20 nm NW

Adobe© PDF660 KB
5/29/2010 Loss of Control – Collision with Water, Atleo River Air Service Ltd., Cessna 185F, C-GIYQ Ahousat, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF1,146 KB
11/18/2010 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Bonanza F33A C-GSCZ, Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,449 KB
7/23/2010 Collision with Tower, Essential Helicopters, Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GCHB, Elk Lake, Ontario, 7 nm SW Elk Lake, Ontario, 7 nm SW

Adobe© PDF341 KB
7/14/2010 In-flight Fire and Precautionary Landing, Sundance Balloons (2008) Ltd., Hot Air Balloon C-GDCG Ottawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF341 KB
6/20/2010 Stall and Spin and Collision with Terrain, Torres Aviation Incorporated (doing business as, Skywords Aerial Advertising), Cessna 172K C-GQOR Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF583 KB
5/25/2010 Power Loss and Collision with Building, Cirrus SR20 C-GYPJ Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF499 KB
5/11/2010 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA - Toronto Area Control Centre, Toronto/Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Toronto, Ontario, 6 nm SE Toronto, Ontario, 6 nm SE

Adobe© PDF256 KB
3/23/2010 Cabin Smoke and Passenger Evacuation, Air Canada, Airbus A320-211, C-FTJO Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF982 KB
1/23/2010 In-flight Separation and Impact with Terrain, Vans RV-7A C-GNDY Madoc, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,217 KB
6/16/2010 Runway Overrun, Trans States Airlines LLC, Embraer EMB-145LR N847HK, Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,777 KB
1/31/2010 Runway Excursion, Skyservice Airlines Inc., Airbus A320-232, C-FRAA Varadero, Cuba

Adobe© PDF1,461 KB
12/12/2010 Engine Power Loss and Autorotative Landing, Forest Helicopters Inc., Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (Helicopter), C-FORS, Pickle Lake, Ontario, 6 nm northeast Pickle Lake, Ontario, 6 nm northeast

Adobe© PDF459 KB
9/10/2010 Engine Shut-down and Forced Landing, Northern Waterworks Sales and Consulting Inc., Piper PA 31-310 Navajo, C-FWQX Pickle Lake, Ontario, 30 nm E

Adobe© PDF214 KB
7/18/2010 Engine Power Loss - Forced Landing, Aero Commander 500S N5800H Rankin Inlet, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF566 KB
6/29/2010 Insufficient Fuel, Perimeter Aviation, deHavilland DHC-8-102 C-GWPS Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF1,667 KB
5/13/2010 Fuel Starvation and Forced Landing, Venture Air, Beech 95-55 C-FBJA Pikwitonei, Manitoba 3 nm E

Adobe© PDF1,814 KB
12/14/2010 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Aero Peninsule Ltee (doing business as Air Optima), Cessna 310R, C-GABL, Pokemouche, New Brunswick 5.5 nm WNW Pokemouche, New Brunswick 5.5 nm WNW

Adobe© PDF1,629 KB
8/5/2010 Collision with Water, Cessna 414A, C-GENG Sydney, Nova Scotia, 13 nm ENE

Adobe© PDF386 KB
5/26/2010 Controlled Flight into Terrain, North Wind Aviation Ltd., Piper Navajo PA31-350 C-FZSD Cartwright, Newfoundland and Labrador, 60 nm W

Adobe© PDF339 KB
4/23/2010 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Forest Protection Limited, Grumman TBM-3E C-GFPL Miramichi, New Brunswick

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3/24/2010 Runway Excursion, Cargojet Airways Ltd., Boeing 727-225, C-GCJZ Moncton, New Brunswick

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8/4/2009 Loss of Control – Tail Strike, Wild Water Heli-Fishing Ltd., Robinson R44 Raven II (Helicopter) C-GNYT Nahanni Butte, Northwest Territories, 17 nm W

Adobe© PDF395 KB
6/15/2009 Collision with Terrain, Beechcraft V35B Bonanza C-GWUW Castor, Alberta, 13 nm NE

Adobe© PDF543 KB
3/6/2009 Risk of Collision, Between, Air Canada Jazz, Bombardier CL-600-2D15, C-FDJZ, and, Airport Maintenance Vehicles (Snow Sweepers) Whitehorse International Airport, Yukon

Adobe© PDF199 KB
2/9/2009 Runway Incursion/Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Fort McMurray Airport Fort McMurray, Alberta

Adobe© PDF176 KB
1/30/2009 Loss of Power and Collision with Terrain, Sarvair Aviation Ltd., Robinson R44 (Helicopter) C-FOBX Grande Cache, Alberta, 20 nm NW

Adobe© PDF4,656 KB
12/16/2009 Decrease in Rotor Speed Followed by Collision with Terrain, Robinson R44 II (Helicopter) C-GDSF Montréal, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,311 KB
12/9/2009 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Exact Air Inc. Beech A100 C-GPBA, 3 nautical miles NW Chicoutimi/Saint-Honoré Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,286 KB
11/12/2009 Collision with Cable, Robinson R44 II Raven (Helicopter) C-GJMP Franquelin, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,238 KB
10/11/2009 Fuel Starvation, Piper PA-34-200T C-FANI Mirabel, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,466 KB
8/5/2009 Loss of Control and Collision with Cables, Enstrom F-28C Helicopter C-GVQQ Mont-Laurier, Quebec

Adobe© PDF832 KB
7/17/2009 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Bell 206L (Helicopter) C-GNLK Kangiqsujuaq, Quebec, 36 nm SE

Adobe© PDF363 KB
5/13/2009 In-Flight Breakup of the Right Wing, Aventurier C-GZIR Lac au Mirage, Quebec

Adobe© PDF569 KB
5/4/2009 Collision with Cable - Sinking in Water, Air Richelieu 1990, Cessna 150L C-GJAE Saint-Louis, Quebec

Adobe© PDF613 KB
1/6/2009 Controlled Flight into Trees, Piper PA-28-140, C-FRZH Buckland, Quebec

Adobe© PDF863 KB
11/29/2009 Loss of Control - Collision with Water, Seair Seaplanes Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2 MK 1(Beaver) C-GTMC Lyall Harbour, Saturna Island, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF356 KB
10/20/2009 Flightdeck Windshield - Electrical Arcing and Fire, Jazz Air LP (d.b.a Air Canada Jazz), de Havilland DHC-8-311, C-FRUZ Vancouver, British Columbia, 40 nm NE

Adobe© PDF443 KB
8/14/2009 Loss of Control - Collision with Water, Elbow River Helicopters Limited, Bell 212 (Helicopter), C-GTKE Lillooet, British Columbia 20 nm S

Adobe© PDF334 KB
7/22/2009 In-flight Breakup, Kootenay Valley Helicopters Ltd., Robinson R44 Astro (Helicopter) C-FKAJ Creston, British Columbia, 8.5 nm NW

Adobe© PDF1,464 KB
7/9/2009 Wake Turbulence Encounter - Collision with Terrain, Integra Ops Ltd. (dba Canadian Air Charters), Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain, C-GNAF Richmond, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF251 KB
6/12/2009 Engine Power Loss-Forced Landing, Amateur-Built Glastar C-GMDP Chetwynd, British Columbia, 6 nm SSW

Adobe© PDF358 KB
4/24/2009 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA — Vancouver Area Control Centre Penticton, British Columbia, 20 nm SW

Adobe© PDF1,465 KB
10/10/2009 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Tracks & Wheels Equipment Brokers Inc., Piper PA-28R-180, C-FURX South River, Ontario, 22 sm E

Adobe© PDF1,555 KB
9/21/2009 Collision with Terrain, Robinson R22 Alpha (Helicopter) N97CP Huttonville, Ontario

Adobe© PDF263 KB
8/12/2009 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Cessna 150J, C-GPXN Courtland, Ontario

Adobe© PDF457 KB
8/3/2009 Tree strike during climb-out, Cessna TU206G (Amphibious), C-GGMG, Torrance, Ontario Torrance, Ontario

Adobe© PDF701 KB
6/19/2009 Erroneous Instrument Indications resulting in Airspeed and Altitude Deviations, LOT Polish Airlines SA, Boeing 767-300 SP-LPA North Bay, Ontario

Adobe© PDF154 KB
4/22/2009 Aft Fuselage Strike, Porter Airlines Inc., Bombardier DHC-8-402, C-GLQD Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Ottawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF688 KB
11/6/2009 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Lockhart Air Services Limited, Cessna 310R, C-GFIT Cat Lake, Ontario, 8 nm SW

Adobe© PDF1,852 KB
10/23/2009 Fuel Starvation and Forced Landing, West Caribou Air Service Inc., Cessna 185A C-FBWP Thunder Bay, Ontario, 10 nm NE

Adobe© PDF674 KB
7/19/2009 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Piper PA-46-310P, C-GUZZ Kamsack, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF333 KB
7/13/2009 In-Flight Collision, Glad Air Spray, Pezetel M18B Dromader, C-GEZV and, Air Tractor AT-401, C-GBDF Gladstone, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF503 KB
6/15/2009 In-Flight Fire, Ultra Helicopters Limited, Bell 204B (Helicopter), C-GAPJ Easterville, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF367 KB
3/3/2009 Gear-Up Landing, Perimeter Aviation Ltd., Swearingen SA226-TC Metro II C-FSLZ Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF1,277 KB
2/4/2009 Collision with Terrain at Take-off, Transwest Air Limited, De Havilland DHC-6 Series 100, C-FCCE La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF362 KB
1/16/2009 Collision with Trees on Missed Approach, Sky North Air Ltd., Beech 100 C-GNAA Island Lake, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF1,372 KB
6/7/2009 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Strait Air 2000 Ltd., Britten-Norman Islander (BN.2A-27) C-FJJR, Port Hope Simpson, Newfoundland and Labrador 4 nm W

Adobe© PDF9,143 KB
3/12/2009 Main Gearbox Malfunction/Collision with Water, Cougar Helicopters Inc., Sikorsky S-92A, C-GZCH St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, 35 nm E

Adobe© PDF578 KB
12/13/2008 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Summit Air Charters Limited, Dornier 228-202 C-FYEV Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF271 KB
11/27/2008 Aerodynamic Stall and Hard Landing, Northwestern Air Lease Ltd., British Aerospace BAe 3112 C-FNAY Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF262 KB
11/25/2008 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA Edmonton Area Control Centre

Adobe© PDF164 KB
8/17/2008 Aerodynamic Stall - Impact with Terrain, Wildlife Observation Services Inc., Cessna 337 C-GGDW Beaverlodge, Alberta, 15 nm W

Adobe© PDF144 KB
8/9/2008 Controlled Flight Into Water, Trans North Turbo Air Limited, Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-FGGC Carmacks, Yukon

Adobe© PDF471 KB
7/30/2008 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA - Edmonton Area Control Centre Fort McMurray, Alberta, 30 nm SW

Adobe© PDF161 KB
5/24/2008 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Sahtu Helicopters, MDHI 369D C-GNMG Doctor Lake, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF187 KB
3/28/2008 Loss of Control - In-Flight Breakup, ADWEL Investments Ltd., Piper PA-46-350P (Jetprop DLX) C-FKKH Wainwright, Alberta, 16 nm NE

Adobe© PDF879 KB
1/10/2008 Encounter with Wake Turbulence, Air Canada, Airbus A319-114 C-GBHZ Washington State, United States

Adobe© PDF504 KB
1/4/2008 Runway Overrun, Northwestern Air Lease Limited, British Aerospace Jetstream 3212 C-FNAE, Fort Smith, Northwest Territories Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF276 KB
12/3/2008 Contolled Flight into Water, Robinson R44 Raven 1 (Helicopter)C-GSVX Lac Simon, Québec

Adobe© PDF1,024 KB
10/22/2008 Risk of Collision, First Air/Air Creebec, Boeing 737 C-FNVT/de Havilland DHC-8 C-GYWX Kuujjuaq, Quebec

Adobe© PDF423 KB
9/23/2008 Visual Flight Rules Flight into Adverse Weather and Forced Landing, DHC-2 MK1 C-FYNT, Club César (1993) Inc. Parent, Quebec, 27 nm SW

Adobe© PDF439 KB
8/26/2008 Runway Excursion, Air France, Boeing 747-428 F-GITC Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF561 KB
6/19/2008 Loss of Visual References - Collision with Water, Eurocopter EC 120B (Helicopter) C-GHNI Lac à l'épaule, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,921 KB
4/30/2008 In-Flight Fuel Feed Failure, Resulting in Engine Fuel Starvation, Air Canada, Airbus A330-343 C-GFAH Montréal, Quebec, 50 nm W

Adobe© PDF227 KB
3/20/2008 Landing with Nose Wheel Retracted, Service aérien gouvernemental du Québec, Challenger CL-600-2A12 C-FURG Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Québec

Adobe© PDF332 KB
3/19/2008 Loss of Visual References, Collision with Frozen Lake Surface, Bell 206B III Jet Ranger (Helicopter) C-GBKX Réservoir Gouin, Quebec

Adobe© PDF949 KB
3/5/2008 Out-of-Trim Nose Down Condition Leading to an Airplane Upset, Air Transat, Airbus A310-308 C-GPAT Québec International Airport/Jean Lesage, Quebec

Adobe© PDF379 KB
11/16/2008 Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT), Pacific Coastal Airlines, Grumman G-21A C-FPCK South Thormanby Island, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF310 KB
8/13/2008 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Quantum Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206L (Helicopter) C-FRCL Legate Creek, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF329 KB
8/6/2008 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Prism Helicopters, MD Helicopters 369D (Hughes 500), C-GZIO Alice Arm, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF417 KB
8/3/2008 Dual-Engine Power Loss – Forced Landing, Bill Dause Beech 65-A90 (King Air) N17SA Pitt Meadows Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF464 KB
8/3/2008 Aerodynamic Stall - Collision with Terrain, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Grumman G-21A Goose C-GPCD Alice Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF826 KB
5/13/2008 Loss of Engine Power and Collision with Terrain, Bighorn Helicopters Inc., Bell 206B Jet Ranger (Helicopter) C-GCHE Cranbrook, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF516 KB
2/7/2008 Loss of Visual Reference/Collision with Terrain, Sequoia Helicopters Limited, Bell 212 (Helicopter) C-GERH Golden, British Columbia, 9 nm W

Adobe© PDF1,599 KB
1/10/2008 Limited Power - Hard landing, Prism Helicopters Limited, Eurocopter AS 350-B3 (Helicopter) N530NA Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, 2 nm W

Adobe© PDF1,424 KB
12/14/2008 Runway Overrun, Jazz Air LP (Air Canada Jazz), de Havilland DHC-8-100 C-GTBP North Bay Jack Garland Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF305 KB
8/31/2008 Nose Landing Gear Failure During Landing, Air Creebec Inc, Embraer EMB-110P1 C-FPCU Cochrane, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,234 KB
9/1/2008 Uncontrolled Descent into Terrain, Cessna 172P C-GHSQ Shelburne, Ontario, 7 nm W

Adobe© PDF357 KB
8/9/2008 Loss of Separation/Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport Mississauga, Ontario

Adobe© PDF500 KB
7/22/2008 Bounced Landing/Go-Around After Touchdown, Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd. Boeing 727-227 C-GLKF Hamilton Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF440 KB
7/6/2008 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Van’s RV-3B C-GJIF, Lake Simcoe Regional Airport Barrie-Orillia, Ontario

Adobe© PDF773 KB
2/19/2008 Collision with Trees on Approach, Cargojet Airways Limited, Boeing 727-260 C-GUJC Hamilton, Ontario

Adobe© PDF580 KB
2/17/2008 Runway Overrun, WestJet Airlines, Boeing 737-700, C-GLWS Ottawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF440 KB
2/8/2008 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Sikorsky S-76A (Helicopter), C-GIMR Temagami, Ontario

Adobe© PDF359 KB
7/29/2008 Runway Incursion, NAV CANADA, Lester B. Pearson International Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF178 KB
11/22/2008 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Sky North Air Limited, Beechcraft A100 C-FSNA Gods Lake Narrows, Manitoba, 5 nm NW

Adobe© PDF218 KB
8/8/2008 Engine Power Loss and Forced Landing, Northway Aviation Ltd., Cessna 207A C-FBHP, St. Andrews, Manitoba, 2 nm N St. Andrews, Manitoba, 2 nm N

Adobe© PDF501 KB
8/1/2008 Airspeed Decay - Uncommanded Descent, Air Canada Jazz, Bombardier CRJ 705, C-FNJZ Winnipeg, Manitoba, 180 nm SE

Adobe© PDF299 KB
7/6/2008 Engine Failure - Forced Landing, Gogal Air Services Limited, Noorduyn Norseman MK V C-FECG Snow Lake, Manitoba 15 nm N

Adobe© PDF226 KB
6/13/2008 Fuel Starvation / Forced Landing, Meadow Air Limited, Cessna 337D, C-GYHW Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, 14 nm NE

Adobe© PDF336 KB
5/22/2008 Engine Power Loss, Canadian North Inc., Boeing 737-217, C-GKCP Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF989 KB
11/4/2008 Mid-Air Collision, Provincial Airlines Limited, de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter C-FWLG, and Air Labrador, de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter C-FGON Natuashish, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF119 KB
8/18/2008 Loss of Control - Stall/Spin, Kitfox IV C-GCSU Huntington, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF276 KB
7/14/2008 Engine Failure and Collision with Terrain, Labrador Air Safari (1984) Inc., de Havilland DHC-2 MK 1 (Beaver) C-FPQC, Schefferville, Quebec, 70 nm E Schefferville, Quebec, 70 nm E

Adobe© PDF403 KB
1/10/2008 Hard Landing – Power Recovery Autorotation, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited, Eurocopter AS 350 BA Astar (Helicopter), C-FHHH Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF221 KB
10/26/2007 Engine Failure and Collision with Terrain, Piper Malibu PA-46-310P, C-GTCS Invermere, British Columbia, 11 nm E

Adobe© PDF171 KB
8/12/2007 Power Loss, Kananaskis Mountain Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B Helicopter C-GFQZ Cline River Heliport (CCR5), Alberta

Adobe© PDF148 KB
7/23/2007 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Phoenix Heli-Flight Inc., Aerospatiale AS350BA (Helicopter) C-FHLF Fort McMurray, Alberta, 35 nm NE

Adobe© PDF266 KB
7/8/2007 Collision at Take-off, Liard Air Limited, De Havilland DHC-6 100 Twin Otter, C-FAWC Muncho Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF298 KB
6/2/2007 Load Shift/Loss of Control on Take-Off, Black Sheep Aviation and Cattle Company, de Havilland DHC-3T C-GZCW Mayo, Yukon

Adobe© PDF479 KB
4/18/2007 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA Edmonton Area Control Centre, WestJet Airlines, Boeing 737-800 C-GWSA, Boeing 737-600 C-GWSI Calgary, Alberta, 50 nm SSW

Adobe© PDF312 KB
1/9/2007 Landing Short of Runway, Peace Air Ltd., British Aerospace Jetstream 3112 C-FBIP Fort St. John, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF607 KB
1/3/2007 Loss of Control - Marginal Weather, Arctic Sunwest Charters, Cessna A185F C-GSDJ Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, 53 nm SE

Adobe© PDF602 KB
10/25/2007 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Air Creebec Inc., Beechcraft A100 C-FNIF Chibougamau/Chapais Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,017 KB
5/27/2007 In-Flight Break-up, Heli-Transport Services (Canada) Inc., Eurocopter AS350 B1 Astar (Helicopter) C-GZCN Chibougamau, Quebec, 176 nm NE

Adobe© PDF383 KB
4/1/2007 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Aéropro, Piper PA31-350 C-FTIW Grand lac Germain, Quebec

Adobe© PDF599 KB
1/21/2007 Fuel Starvation, DHC-2 Beaver C-GUGQ La Grande-4, Quebec, 25 nm N

Adobe© PDF366 KB
10/19/2007 Loss of Control - Collision with Building, Piper PA-34-200 Seneca C-GHFD Richmond, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF382 KB
10/13/2007 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Parallel Seaplanes Inc., Cessna 172M C-GGVK Bamfield, British Columbia, 15 nm NE

Adobe© PDF257 KB
8/24/2007 Hot Air Balloon Accident, SRP Adventure Tours, Aerostar S77A (Hot Air Balloon), C-GTRU Surrey, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF682 KB
7/2/2007 Tail Rotor Driveshaft Fracture, Black Tusk Helicopters, Bell 214B1 (Helicopter) C-FWQU Ramsay Arm, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF224 KB
4/26/2007 Reduction Gearbox Failure/Engine Power Loss, Pacific Western Helicopters, Bell 212 (Helicopter) C-GPWX Prince George, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF277 KB
11/23/2007 In-flight Engine Failure, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Aerospatiale AS 350 B3 (Helicopter) C-FRPQ Stoney Point, Ontario

Adobe© PDF280 KB
11/15/2007 Runway Incursion, R & M Aviation Inc., Learjet 35A, N70AX Toronto / Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF383 KB
10/4/2007 Collision with Trees on Approach, Ukrainian Cargo Airways (UKS 702), Ilyushin 76TD, UR-UCT Trenton, Ontario

Adobe© PDF329 KB
9/24/2007 In-Flight Fire, Canadian Flight Academy Limited, Cessna 152 C-GCSJ Oshawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF150 KB
8/28/2007 Collision with Terrain in Deteriorating Weather, Expedition Helicopters Inc., Bell 206L-1 JetRanger (Helicopter) C-FFEX Cochrane, Ontario, 5 nm W

Adobe© PDF143 KB
8/18/2007 Loss of Control and Impact with Runway, SOSA Gliding Club, Pezetel SZD-51-1 Junior (Glider) C-FICQ Rockton, Ontario

Adobe© PDF355 KB
7/20/2007 Guy-Wire Strike During Landing, Hydro One Networks Inc. Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 (Helicopter) C-GOHY Moosonee, Ontario, 26 nm SW

Adobe© PDF139 KB
6/30/2007 Collision with Terrain Piper Cub J3C-65 C-FIUH Essex, Ontario

Adobe© PDF166 KB
5/20/2007 Hard Landing and Main Landing Gear Collapse, Air Canada Jazz Bombardier Regional Jet CL-600-2B19, C-FRIL Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF335 KB
4/9/2007 Landing Gear Collapse After Touchdown, Wabusk Air, Piper PA31 C-GRVW Moosonee, Ontario

Adobe© PDF796 KB
2/2/2007 Uncontrolled Flight into Terrain, The Helicopter Company Inc., Robinson R44 II, C-FGTN Cambridge, Ontario

Adobe© PDF209 KB
6/25/2007 Hydraulic Pump Failure, Bombardier BD-100-1A10, C-GFHR Geneva, Switzerland

Adobe© PDF242 KB
11/30/2007 Double Engine Power Loss, Hicks & Lawrence Limited, Aero Commander 500B C-GETK Armstrong, Ontario, 20 nm SW

Adobe© PDF289 KB
8/11/2007 Hard Landing - Fuel Leak and Fire, Sundance Balloons International, FireFly 12B (Hot Air Balloon) C-FNVM Winnipeg, Manitoba, 15 nm NE

Adobe© PDF1,000 KB
8/9/2007 Collision with Power Line Tower, Custom Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206L-3 C-GCHG Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF168 KB
7/10/2007 Engine Power Loss - Forced Landing, Wamair Service & Outfitting Inc., Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-GRNK Matheson Island, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF601 KB
7/1/2007 Power Loss - Collision With Water, Expedition Helicopters Inc., Eurocopter AS 350 B-2 C-FLUK Bernick Lake, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF633 KB
6/19/2007 In-Flight Cockpit Fire, Northwest Airlines Inc., Boeing 747-251B N632NW Winnipeg, Manitoba, 150 nm N

Adobe© PDF330 KB
5/17/2007 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Chimo Air Service, Cessna 180 C-FDNZ Miller Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF912 KB
1/7/2007 Collision with Terrain, Transwest Air Beech A100 King Air C-GFFN Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF5,783 KB
11/11/2007 Touchdown Short of Runway, Jetport Inc. Bombardier BD-700-1A11 (Global 5000) C-GXPR Fox Harbour Aerodrome, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF243 KB
10/3/2007 In-flight Collision between two Helicopters, Newfoundland Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206L Long Ranger, C-GCHA, and, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Ltd., Eurocopter AS 350 BA Astar, C-FHHH Postville, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF307 KB
8/27/2007 Engine Failure/Forced Landing, Forest Patrol Limited, Ayres S-2R C-FBED Boston Brook, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF394 KB
6/26/2007 Collision with Terrain During Take-off, Portland Creek Aviation Limited, de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver C-GBZS Bryants Raft Pond, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF207 KB
6/3/2007 Reduction Gearbox Failure, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited, Bell 407 Helicopter C-GOFL Postville, Newfoundland and Labrador, 7 nm S

Adobe© PDF973 KB
3/31/2007 Runway Excursion, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Antonov AN 124-100 RA-82078 Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF303 KB
3/13/2007 Loss of Separation, Serco Facilities Management Inc. Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF327 KB
8/16/2006 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, North-Wright Airways Ltd., Cessna 337C Skymaster C-FWHP Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories, 23 nm E

Adobe© PDF303 KB
7/11/2006 Loss of Control - Collision with Ground, Piper PA-34-200T (Seneca II) C-GOLY Edson, Alberta

Adobe© PDF180 KB
7/4/2006 Dynamic Rollover, Remote Helicopters (NWT) Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GRHM Wabasca, Alberta, 23 nm NE

Adobe© PDF578 KB
7/3/2006 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Precision Helicopters Inc., Bell 206B C-GPGX (Helicopter), Nose Mountain Tower, Alberta Nose Mountain Tower, Alberta

Adobe© PDF288 KB
3/21/2006 Airframe Failure and Collision with Terrain, Rupert's Land Operations Inc., McDonnell Douglas MD600N C-FTAZ Zama Lake, Alberta, 25 nm NW

Adobe© PDF349 KB
1/5/2006 In-Flight Engine Fire, Buffalo Airways Limited, Douglas C-54G-DC (DC-4) C-GXKN Norman Wells, Northwest Territories (CYVQ)

Adobe© PDF175 KB
11/26/2006 Runway Overrun, Canadian Global Air Ambulance, Learjet 35A C-GAJS, Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF330 KB
11/21/2006 Low Fuel Emergency, Air Canada Jazz, Bombardier CL-600-2B19 C-GJZF Fort St. John, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF130 KB
10/19/2006 Flight in Weather Conditions, Unfavourable for Visual Flight and, Collision with Terrain, Aviation Mauricie/Aviation Bastican Cessna U206F (Floatplane) C-FASO Caron Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF745 KB
10/18/2006 Loss of Electrical Power, Propair Inc., Beechcraft King Air 100 C-GJLP Montréal/St-Hubert Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF206 KB
9/10/2006 Engine Failure, Cessna 172M C-FFRV Montréal, Quebec

Adobe© PDF615 KB
7/8/2006 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Aviation Mauricie, Cessna U206F (Floatplane) C-FMGP Pasteur Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF255 KB
6/7/2006 Engine Failure, Héli Star Inc., Bell 206L-3 Helicopter C-GDTM La Tuque, Quebec, 26 nm NE

Adobe© PDF575 KB
10/25/2006 Loss of Visual Reference - Collision with Terrain, VIH Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GWUF Knight Inlet, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF441 KB
9/19/2006 Loss of Control - Transmission Pylon Support Spindle Fracture, Quantum Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GSLV Alice Arm, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF169 KB
8/7/2006 Collision with Terrain, Tweedsmuir Air Services Ltd., Cessna A185F CF-BUO Mount Downton, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF593 KB
7/5/2006 Unintentional Lift-off and Collision with Terrain, Highland Helicopters Limited Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (Helicopter) C-GBHH Grande Prairie Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF186 KB
5/31/2006 Loss of Control, Northern Rockies Air Charter, Cessna 185B C-FPKJ Prince George Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF1,970 KB
5/18/2006 Collision with Terrain, Niagara Air Tours Ltd., Cessna T207A C-GGQR Pemberton, British Columbia, 8 nm NE

Adobe© PDF190 KB
3/8/2006 Runway Overrun-Collision with Terrain, Orca Airways Ltd., Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-GNAY Powell River, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF251 KB
1/21/2006 Engine Power Loss - Forced Landing, Sonicblue Airways, Cessna 208B (Caravan) C-GRXZ Port Alberni, British Columbia, 11 nm SSE

Adobe© PDF143 KB
9/4/2006 Collision with Terrain, Pitts S1S (Amateur-Built) C-FZSF Melancthon, Ontario

Adobe© PDF617 KB
8/4/2006 Mid-Air Collision, Between Cessna 172P C-GFGD, and Cessna 182T C-GCHN Caledon, Ontario, 1 nm W

Adobe© PDF382 KB
7/19/2006 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 180H N720CS Cordingley Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF202 KB
7/16/2006 Collision with Water, Cessna 172M C-FKWP Wilcox Lake, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Adobe© PDF804 KB
6/21/2006 Engine Failure - Collision with Terrain, Expedition Helicopters, Bell B206L (Helicopter) C-GSMZ Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario

Adobe© PDF330 KB
6/16/2006 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Bede BD5-J C-GBDV Ottawa/Carp, Ontario

Adobe© PDF287 KB
5/1/2006 In-Flight Separation of Flap Tab, Express Net Airlines, Airbus A300 B4-203 N372PC Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF632 KB
1/30/2006 Misaligned Take-off, Air Canada, Airbus A319-114 C-FYKR Las Vegas, Nevada

Adobe© PDF198 KB
12/13/2006 Cargo Door Opening on Take-Off, Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd., Boeing 727-227 C-GJKF Regina, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF196 KB
11/8/2006 Departure from Runway Surface, Perimeter Aviation Ltd., Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, SA226-TC C-FTNV Norway House, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF159 KB
9/24/2006 Loss of Control - In-flight Breakup, Heli-Lift International Inc., Bell 204B C-GSHK Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, 22 nm SW

Adobe© PDF319 KB
8/13/2006 Collision with Terrain, Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc., McDonnell Douglas Hughes 369E (Helicopter) C-FHMF Davy Lake, Saskatchewan, 29 nm E

Adobe© PDF217 KB
7/15/2006 Loss of Separation, NAV Canada, Edmonton Area Control Centre - Shield Specialty The Pas, Manitoba 42 nm NE

Adobe© PDF198 KB
5/14/2006 Loss of Control on Go-Around (Rejected Landing), Saskatchewan Government, Northern Air Operations, Convair 580A Air Tanker C-GSKJ La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF151 KB
11/3/2006 Loss of Cabin Pressure, , Air Canada Jazz, Canadair CL600-2B19 C-FSJJ Fredericton Airport, New Brunswick, 100 nm NW

Adobe© PDF295 KB
11/6/2006 Collision with Obstacle During Take-off, Provincial Airlines Limited, de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter C-FIZD, Port of Goose Bay Dock, Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF406 KB
7/12/2006 Take-off Performance Calculation Error, Air Canada, Embraer 190-100 C-FHIU Edmonton, Alberta

Adobe© PDF172 KB
9/17/2006 Collision with Terrain, VariViggen (Amateur-built/Experimental) N106VV Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, 8 nm E

Adobe© PDF174 KB
12/19/2005 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA, Edmonton Area Control Centre-La Biche Sector Edmonton, Alberta, 70 nm N

Adobe© PDF384 KB
10/30/2005 Engine Torching, Alaska Airlines Inc., Boeing 737-900 N317AS Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF252 KB
9/28/2005 Power Loss - Mechanical Malfunction, HeliQwest Aviation Inc., Bell 205A1 N205HQ Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia, 21 nm SE

Adobe© PDF203 KB
8/22/2005 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Cessna 180H C-FYIX Mount Burns, Alberta

Adobe© PDF151 KB
8/9/2005 Loss of Control, Lancair IV-P N750F Sundre, Alberta, 8 nm SE

Adobe© PDF121 KB
7/6/2005 Collision with Terrain, B. Allison Flying Services, Piper PA-18 C-FJYS Andrew, Alberta 9 nm W

Adobe© PDF125 KB
6/24/2005 Incorrect Loading / Centre of Gravity, Air Tindi Ltd., de Havilland DHC-3T C-FXUY Yellowknife - East Bay, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF634 KB
6/10/2005 Inadvertent Stick Shaker at High Altitude, Air Canada Jazz, Bombardier CRJ705 C-FBJZ Lethbridge, Alberta, 41 nm SE (COUTS Intersection)

Adobe© PDF271 KB
4/12/2005 Component Failure, Wing-to-fuselage Attach Angle, Bradley Air Services Ltd. (First Air), Lockheed L382G Hercules C-GHPW Vicinity of High Lake, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF206 KB
1/20/2005 Failure to Remain on the Runway, (Rejected Landing), Jetsgo McDonnell Douglas DC-9-83 C-FRYH Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF527 KB
11/5/2005 Tree Impact Without Loss of Control, Grondair, Cessna 172M C-GPUL Saint-Honoré-de-Beauce, Quebec

Adobe© PDF261 KB
9/29/2005 Capsizing at Take-off, Aviation Wheelair, Cessna 185 Seaplane C-FYZC Lac Ouimet, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,652 KB
9/1/2005 Flight into Adverse Weather - Collision with Terrain, NordPlus 1998 Ltée, de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver C-FODG Schefferville, Quebec 20 nm NW

Adobe© PDF384 KB
7/16/2005 Collision with Water, Héli-Express Inc., Bell 205 A-1 Helicopter C-GADA Solitude Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF706 KB
2/21/2005 Landing Beside the Runway, Scott Aviation, Hawker Siddeley HS 125-600A N21SA Bromont Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF329 KB
1/24/2005 Collision with Terrain, Eurocopter AS 350 BA (Helicopter) C-FHBG La Grande-4, Quebec, 60 nm SE

Adobe© PDF186 KB
12/20/2005 Engine Failure - Descent into Terrain, Nav Air Charter Inc., Mitsubishi MU-2B-36 C-FTWO Terrace, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF346 KB
11/3/2005 In-Flight Break-up, Helifor Industries Limited, Boeing Vertol BV-107 II (Helicopter C-GHFT South Bentinck Arm, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF83 KB
10/26/2005 Helicopter Roll-over - Glassy Water, Far West Helicopters, Bell Helicopter 206B C-GCQT Devils Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF318 KB
9/17/2005 Engine Power Loss Leading to Loss of Control, Enstrom 280C (Helicopter) C-FKEO Duncan, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF515 KB
7/28/2005 Collision with Terrain, Northern Thunderbird Air, Raytheon Beechcraft King Air 200 C-FCGL Shovelnose Creek, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF165 KB
8/2/2005 Loss of Control, Quantum Helicopters, MD Helicopters MD500D C-GWPQ Terrace, British Columbia, 35 nm NW

Adobe© PDF99 KB
6/24/2005 Power Loss, Robinson R22 Beta Helicopter C-FQDQ Courtenay, British Columbia, 10 nm N

Adobe© PDF211 KB
6/19/2005 Air Proximity - Safety Not Assured, NAV CANADA, Abbotsford Tower/Vancouver Area Control Centre, Abbotsford International Airport, British Columbia, 2 nm S

Adobe© PDF176 KB
6/15/2005 In-Flight Engine Shutdown, Cascade Aerospace Inc., Bombardier DHC-8-402 C-FBAM Abbotsford, British Columbia, 15 nm N

Adobe© PDF131 KB
6/7/2005 Loss of Oil Pressure on Two Engines, Cascade Aerospace Inc., Bombardier DHC-8-402 C-FBAM Tofino, British Columbia, 5 nm W

Adobe© PDF315 KB
5/7/2005 Tail-Rotor Strike (External Load) - Loss of Control, Transport Canada, MBB BO 105 Helicopter C-GCHX Bella Bella, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF325 KB
4/22/2005 In-Flight Fire, Navair Charter, Inc., Piper PA-31-350 C-GVCP 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF91 KB
2/24/2005 Dual Engine Power Loss and Hard Landing, Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd., Bell 212 (Helicopter) C-FWDV Blue River, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF343 KB
2/11/2005 Settling with Power - Roll-Over, Tasman Helicopters Ltd., Bell 212 (Helicopter) C-GEEC Spearhead Glacier, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF74 KB
1/19/2005 Control Difficulty due to Airframe Icing, Northern Thunderbird Air Inc., Beechcraft King Air 200 C-FCGL Kelowna, British Columbia, 80 nm NE

Adobe© PDF372 KB
11/20/2005 Loss of Control-Collision with Terrain, Ryan Aeronautical Navion B C-FTRM Brantford, Ontario

Adobe© PDF653 KB
11/15/2005 Runway Overrun, Jetport Inc., Gulfstream 100 C-FHRL Hamilton Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF448 KB
9/30/2005 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Wabusk Air, Piper PA-31 Navajo C-GKMW Kashechewan, Ontario

Adobe© PDF94 KB
9/10/2005 Aircraft Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Great Lakes Gliding Corporation, Pezetel SZD-50-3 Puchacz Glider C-FLCK Loretto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF150 KB
7/18/2005 Collision with Water, Cessna A185F Seaplane C-FHOP Constance Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF190 KB
7/18/2005 Engine Power Loss, Stanton Mackenzie Flying Services Inc., Cessna 185F C-GAXK CNJ4 (Mara) Orillia, Ontario, 5 nm E

Adobe© PDF201 KB
7/10/2005 Difficulty to Control, Gateway Helicopters Ltd., Bell 204B C-GRGY Sudbury, Ontario

Adobe© PDF509 KB
6/10/2005 Inadvertent Stick Shaker at High Altitude, Air Canada Jazz, Bombardier CRJ705 C-FBJZ Lethbridge, Alberta, 41 nm SE (COUTS Intersection)

Adobe© PDF173 KB
6/9/2005 Aircraft Control Difficulty, Government of Canada Department of Transport, Cessna TU206G C-FIHV Hamilton, Ontario

Adobe© PDF284 KB
6/7/2005 Loss of Oil Pressure on Two Engines, Cascade Aerospace Inc., Bombardier DHC-8-402 C-FBAM Tofino, British Columbia, 5 nm W

Adobe© PDF429 KB
6/2/2005 Misrigged Elevator Trim Tabs, Flight Options LLC, Raytheon/Hawker 800XP N829LX, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF4,672 KB
8/2/2005 Overrun, Airbus 340-313, Air France Flight 358, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,699 KB
3/6/2005 Loss of Rudder, Airbus 310-308, Air Transat Flight 961 Varadero, Cuba

Adobe© PDF1,043 KB
2/6/2005 Hydraulic Flight Control Malfunction, Vancouver Island Helicopters, Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (Helicopter) C-GNMJ Kamarang, Guyana

Adobe© PDF136 KB
1/2/2005 Engine Failure-Fuel Starvation, Air Canada, Boeing 767-375, C-FCAG Santiago, Chile, 180 nm North

Adobe© PDF308 KB
12/26/2005 Runway Excursion, Air Canada, Airbus A319-112 C-GJTC Winnipeg International Airport, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF1,345 KB
10/6/2005 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Morningstar Air Express Inc., Cessna 208B Caravan C-FEXS Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF880 KB
8/9/2005 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA, Edmonton Area Control Centre, Nunavut Sector Hall Beach, Nunavut, 135 nm NW

Adobe© PDF416 KB
7/10/2005 In-Flight Collision, Between, Waco UPF-7 N2369Q and, Wolf-Samson N985PW Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF540 KB
6/18/2005 Hard Landing - Aircraft Overturned, Stinson 108-1 C-FEXL, Burntwood River Seaplane Base Thompson, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF280 KB
12/25/2005 Wing Contact with Runway During Landing, WestJet Airlines, Boeing 737-700 C-GWJF Halifax International Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF626 KB
12/7/2005 Collision with Water, Transport Canada Aircraft Services, MBB BO105 (Helicopter) C-GGGC, 2.5 NM East of Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador Marystown, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF640 KB
5/27/2005 Stall and Loss of Control During Climb, Provincial Airlines Limited, de Havilland DHC-8-100 C-GZKH St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF196 KB
9/10/2004 Navigation Deviation, Government of Canada, Department of Transport, Beech King Air C90A C-FGXH Edmonton, Alberta

Adobe© PDF131 KB
6/7/2004 Upset on Water Landing, Big River Air Ltd., Cessna A185F Seaplane C-GVYE, Taltson River (Ferguson's Cabin) Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF186 KB
2/25/2004 Landing Beside the Runway, Bradley Air Services Ltd. (First Air), Boeing 737-210C C-GNWN Edmonton International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF440 KB
12/24/2004 Runway Excursion, Air Inuit Ltd., BE-A100 King Air C-GAIK Kuujjuaq, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,332 KB
12/19/2004 Landing Beside Runway, Aéropro, Piper PA-31-350 C-GBYL Gaspé Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF555 KB
12/1/2004 Runway Excursion on Landing, Aviation CMP Inc., Beech B300 (Super King Air) C-FMHD Saint-Georges, Quebec

Adobe© PDF638 KB
8/5/2004 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Montréal Area Control Centre, 12 nm SW of Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF175 KB
6/13/2004 Risk of Collision, Between, Air Canada Airbus A320 C-FDRP, and, Pro Aviation Cessna 172 C-FGIM Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF331 KB
4/19/2004 Runway Excursion, Myrand Aviation Inc., Beechcraft A100 C-FMAI Chibougamau/Chapais Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF82 KB
3/31/2004 Control Difficulty, Air Canada Jazz, DHC-8-300 C-GABP Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF281 KB
3/8/2004 Separation of Main Rotor on Runup, Hélicraft 2000 Inc., Schweizer 269C-1 (Helicopter) C-FZQF Saint-Hubert, Quebec

Adobe© PDF181 KB
1/13/2004 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA, Montréal Area Control Centre - La Grande Sector La Grande, Quebec 160 nm SSW

Adobe© PDF120 KB
12/28/2004 Drive-Belt Failure and Collision With Terrain, Flying Dog Helicopter LLC, Robinson R44 Raven II, N313AL (helicopter) Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, 15 nm SW

Adobe© PDF154 KB
10/29/2004 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF125 KB
8/13/2004 Collision with Water, Robinson R-22 Beta (Helicopter) C-FHGH McIvor Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF380 KB
6/25/2004 Blade Strike and Rollover, Highland Helicopters Ltd., Eurocopter AS350 B2 (Helicopter) C-GSHH Flourmill Volcano, British Columbia, 5 nm W

Adobe© PDF521 KB
6/11/2004 Engine Power Loss, Quantum Helicopters Ltd., MD Helicopter (Hughes) 369D C-GWPQ Bob Quinn Airstrip, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF615 KB
5/8/2004 Loss of Control, Cessna 305A C-GYHF Thetis Island, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF193 KB
5/5/2004 Air Proximity - Safety Not Assured, NAV CANADA, Vancouver Tower/Area Control Centre, Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia, 4 nm S

Adobe© PDF613 KB
4/28/2004 In-Flight Power Loss, Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206L C-FVIX (Helicopter) Tasu Creek, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF127 KB
4/8/2004 Loss of Control / Parachute System Descent, Cirrus Design SR20 C-GEMC Mount O'Leary, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF72 KB
3/12/2004 In-flight Collision Between, Canadian Fishing Company, Cessna 185, C-GGBT and, Corilair Charters Ltd Cessna 185, C-GTNE Nanaimo, British Columbia 20 nm N (Nanoose Bay)

Adobe© PDF372 KB
3/3/2004 Risk of Collision on the Runway, NAV CANADA, Vancouver Tower Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF94 KB
2/29/2004 Collision with Water, Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer, C-GHJE Fraser River near Ruskin, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF217 KB
2/20/2004 In-flight Breakup, Bear Creek Contracting Ltd., Robinson R22 (Helicopter) C-FILW Kumealon Inlet, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF160 KB
12/16/2004 Rejected Landing - Collision with Terrain, Air Cargo Carriers, Inc., Short Brothers SD3-60 N748CC Oshawa Municipal Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF199 KB
9/2/2004 Flight Control Difficulties, Jazz Air Inc., de Havilland DHC-8-102 C-FGRP Kingston, Ontario

Adobe© PDF109 KB
7/14/2004 Runway Overrun, US Airways Express, Embraer EMB-145LR N829HK, Ottawa/Macdonald Cartier International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF347 KB
4/22/2004 Aircraft Stall During Instrument Approach, Grant Executive Jets Inc., Raytheon B300 (Super King Air) C-GEJE Timmins, Ontario

Adobe© PDF367 KB
4/7/2004 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, London International Airport 5 nm N London, Ontario

Adobe© PDF254 KB
1/26/2004 Aircraft Pitch-Up/Stall Warning on Departure, Air Canada, Boeing 767-233 C-GAUE, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF502 KB
1/19/2004 Nosewheel Axle Failure, Air Canada, Airbus A321-211, C-GJWI, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,993 KB
10/14/2004 Reduced Power at Take-off and, Collision with Terrain, MK Airlines Limited, Boeing 747-244SF 9G-MKJ Halifax International Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF192 KB
6/14/2004 Collision with Water, de Havilland DHC-2 Mk 1 C-GJST Gatineau, Quebec

Adobe© PDF2,168 KB
1/17/2004 Loss of Control, Georgian Express Ltd., Cessna 208B Caravan C-FAGA Pelee Island, Ontario

Adobe© PDF102 KB
10/30/2004 Collision with Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Bell 212 C-GMOH Shepherd Bay, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF443 KB
9/21/2004 Landing Gear Collapse and Runway Excursion, Northern Dene Airways Ltd. (Norcanair), Fairchild SA-227-AC Metro III C-FIPW La Ronge, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF81 KB
8/26/2004 Flight Into Adverse Weather - Collision with Terrain, Olds-Didsbury Flying Association, Piper PA-28-235 C-FYRJ Ashern, Manitoba 15 nm SW

Adobe© PDF81 KB
5/18/2004 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Pickerel Arm Camps, de Havilland DHC-2 Mark I Beaver C-GQHT Fawcett Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF275 KB
3/20/2004 In-flight Breakup / Collision With Terrain, Baby Belle (Helicopter-Amateur Built) C-FZQN Ralph, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF78 KB
3/4/2004 Loss of Visual Reference - Collision with Terrain, Standard Ag Helicopters, Bell 206B Jet Ranger Helicopter C-FIHL Swift Current, Saskatchewan 4 nm SW

Adobe© PDF119 KB
1/15/2004 Loss of Directional Control and Runway Excursion, Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd., Fairchild SA227-AC, C-FYAG Dryden Regional Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF120 KB
12/5/2004 Collision With Terrain, Atlantic Aviation Academy Inc., Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee C-FYKS St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador 10 nm SW

Adobe© PDF613 KB
8/31/2004 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Aerospatiale AS-350D C-GVHB Nain, Newfoundland and Labrador, 45 nm NW

Adobe© PDF435 KB
8/31/2004 Aviation Investigation Report, Runway Excursion, Morningstar Air Express Inc., Boeing 727 C-GMSX, Greater Moncton International Airport,, New Brunswick New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF356 KB
8/19/2004 Collision with Terrain, Piper PA31-350 (Navajo) C-FTNS Saint John Airport, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF70 KB
7/18/2004 Aerodynamic Stall and Loss Of Control, Bluenose Soaring Club, Schreder HP 18 (Amateur-Built Glider) C-GSTL CCW4 Stanley Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF213 KB
5/28/2004 Wing Scrape During a Rejected Landing, Cargojet Airways Limited, Boeing 727-225 C-GCJB, Greater Moncton International Airport Moncton, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF77 KB
5/15/2004 Main Rotor Overspeed - Difficult to Control, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Eurocopter AS350-B3 C-FMPH Tabusintac, New Brunswick 2 nm E

Adobe© PDF172 KB
10/4/2003 Loss of Control/Stall, Scenic Air Services Ltd., Piper PA-18-150 C-FIWV Linda Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF286 KB
9/23/2003 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Alta Flights (Charters) Inc., Cessna 414A C-GVZE Calgary, Alberta 49 nm SW

Adobe© PDF81 KB
9/16/2003 Power Loss and Dynamic Rollover, Trans North Turbo Air Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GCHC Mayo, Yukon Territory 80 nm N

Adobe© PDF307 KB
7/13/2003 Loss of Power - Mechanical Malfunction, Delta Helicopters Ltd., Bell 204B C-GTNP Manning, Alberta 75 nm NE

Adobe© PDF67 KB
4/9/2003 Loss of Control - Inadequate Rotor RPM, Trek Enterprises Inc., Robinson R44 Helicopter C-GRDI Peace River, Alberta 10 nm SE

Adobe© PDF95 KB
9/27/2003 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Les Ailes de Gaspé inc., PA-31-310 C-FARL Gaspé, Quebec

Adobe© PDF74 KB
7/26/2003 Fuel Exhaustion and Forced Landing, Institut aéronautique de la Capitale, Cessna 172M C-GSZC Québec, Quebec

Adobe© PDF411 KB
7/4/2003 Collision with Water, Héli-Star Inc., Bell 206 Jet Ranger (Helicopter) C-GNPI Boucher Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF473 KB
11/6/2003 Maintenance Error - In-Flight Fuel Leak, Air Canada, Airbus A330-300 C-GHKX Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF163 KB
9/3/2003 Collision with Dock, West Coast Airlines Ltd., de Havilland DHC-6 100 (Twin Otter), C-FGQH Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF77 KB
8/29/2003 Collision With Terrain, de Havilland DHC-2 Mk. 1 C-GHAF Penticton, British Columbia 11 nm NE

Adobe© PDF153 KB
8/23/2003 Navigational Error - Premature Descent, Air Canada, Airbus A319-114 C-FYKW Vernon, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF766 KB
8/17/2003 Loss of Engine Power - Collision with Terrain, Gemini Helicopters Inc., Bell 204B (Helicopter) C-GEAP Bonaparte Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF238 KB
8/11/2003 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Vancouver Area Control Centre - West Specialty Port Hardy, British Columbia, 26 nm W

Adobe© PDF164 KB
8/10/2003 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 210A C-FNTH Princeton, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF343 KB
7/18/2003 Collision with Terrain, Pacific Professional Visual Flight Training Ltd., Cessna 172M C-GDPD, Approximately 24 nm NNW of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF716 KB
7/16/2003 Collision with Terrain, Air Spray (1967) Ltd., Lockheed L-188 Electra C-GFQA Cranbrook, British Columbia 2.5 nm south

Adobe© PDF398 KB
6/6/2003 Engine Power Loss - Hard Landing and Rollover, Cariboo Chilcotin Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B C-GPOS Ward Creek, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF98 KB
5/31/2003 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Fraser Valley Skydiving Centre Ltd., Cessna 182 C-GHKH Chilliwack Airport, British Columbia 7.5 nm E

Adobe© PDF304 KB
5/22/2003 Risk of Collision, Between, Helijet International Incorporated, Sikorsky S-76A (Helicopter) C-GHJL, and, Harbour Air Ltd., de Havilland DHC-3 C-FRNO Active Pass, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF76 KB
3/25/2003 Spiral Dive - Collision with Terrain, Langley Flying School, Piper PA-28-140 C-GNUD Langley Airport, British Columbia, 6 nm NE

Adobe© PDF188 KB
3/11/2003 In-Flight Engine Failure, WestJet Airlines, Boeing 737-200 C-FTWJ Kelowna Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF464 KB
12/16/2003 Loss of Control After Take-Off, Huron Air & Outfitters Incorporated, de Havilland DHC-3 (Otter), C-GOFF Jellicoe, Ontario

Adobe© PDF811 KB
11/4/2003 Elevator Control Restriction at Take-off, Air Canada Jazz, de Havilland DHC-8-102 C-GONJ, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport Ottawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF369 KB
10/9/2003 Engine Power Loss and Forced Landing, Toronto Airways Limited, Cessna 172N C-GZLJ Toronto/Buttonville Municipal Airport 2 nm SSE

Adobe© PDF303 KB
9/26/2003 Runway Excursion, Partner Jet Inc., Gulfstream Aerospace LP Astra SPX C-GSSS Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF254 KB
8/5/2003 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA, Toronto Area Control Centre Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF253 KB
7/7/2003 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Beech 58TC Baron, N6058T Toronto City Centre Airport, Ontario, 3 nm SE

Adobe© PDF103 KB
6/24/2003 Engine Failure and Forced Landing on Water, Mooney M20E C-GOEN Wasaga Beach, Ontario 5 nm WSW

Adobe© PDF331 KB
6/5/2003 Loss of Control on Water, Ministry of Natural Resources, de Havilland DHC-6-300 (Amphibious) C-GOGC Lake Wicksteed, Ontario

Adobe© PDF165 KB
4/7/2003 Stall/Spin and Collision with Terrain, Found Aircraft Canada Inc. FBA-2C1 Bush Hawk, C-GTUP Lake Temagami, Ontario

Adobe© PDF356 KB
2/11/2003 Runway Excursion, Skyservice Airlines Inc., Airbus A320-212 C-GJUP Windsor, Ontario

Adobe© PDF5,221 KB
1/21/2003 Loss of Control - Collision With Terrain, Province of Ontario, Ministry of Natural Resources, Eurocopter AS 350 B2 (Helicopter) C-GOGN Mekatina, Ontario

Adobe© PDF436 KB
9/11/2003 Collision With Terrain, Wasaya Airways, Cessna 208B Caravan C-FKAB Summer Beaver, Ontario

Adobe© PDF223 KB
3/5/2003 Communications Failure and Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA, Gander Area Control Centre Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF166 KB
6/18/2003 Navigational Error-Fuel Shortage, Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd., Convair 580 C-GKFJ Gisborne, New Zealand 300 nm ESE

Adobe© PDF394 KB
5/22/2003 Engine Failure - Forced Landing, Whiteshell Air Service Ltd, de Havilland DHC-3 Otter C-GGON Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba 2 nm E

Adobe© PDF246 KB
4/23/2003 Loss of Pitch Control and Collision With Terrain, Transwest Air Limited, Beech 99A, C-FDYF Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, 6 nm SW

Adobe© PDF254 KB
3/13/2003 Flight Control Malfunction, Government of Canada, Department of Transport, Beech King Air C90A C-FGXU Dauphin, Manitoba 25 nm SW

Adobe© PDF101 KB
1/29/2003 Collision with Terrain, Bearskin Lake Air Service, Beech 99 C-GHVI Pikangikum, Ontario 2 nm NW

Adobe© PDF84 KB
6/26/2003 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Super Marine Aircraft Incorporated, Dromader PZL-M-18 C-GMVE Buchans, Newfoundland and Labrador 25 nm SE

Adobe© PDF272 KB
2/14/2003 Loss of Control and Collision With Terrain, ComputaPlane Ltd., Cessna 210N, N104WF Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, 5 nm E

Adobe© PDF103 KB
2/4/2003 Fuel Starvation / Forced Landing, ComputaPlane Ltd., Cessna 188B N6606Q Badger, Newfoundland and Labrador 19 nm WNW

Adobe© PDF116 KB
2/2/2003 Loss of Directional Control, Canjet Airlines, Boeing 737-200 C-FGCJ Halifax International Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF152 KB

Adobe© PDF87 KB
9/11/2002 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Coupling Failure, Alpine Helicopters Ltd., Bell 212 C-FHDY Pink Mountain, British Columbia 20 nm W

Adobe© PDF202 KB
9/4/2002 Collision with Terrain, Airco Aircraft Charters Ltd., Piper PA-34-220T (Seneca III) C-FRKZ High Prairie, Alberta 07 nm SE

Adobe© PDF125 KB
6/27/2002 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Edmonton Area Control Centre Edmonton, Alberta 60 nm S

Adobe© PDF139 KB
4/8/2002 Collision with Terrain, Valley B Aviation, Robinson R22 Beta Helicopter C-FVBG Manning Alberta 20 nm W

Adobe© PDF102 KB
3/26/2002 Loss of Control - Rotorcraft, Bighorn Helicopters Inc., Eurocopter AS350D C-FBHX Blairmore, Alberta 12 nm N

Adobe© PDF96 KB
9/28/2002 Collision with Terrain, Deraps Aviation Inc., De Havilland DHC-3 Otter C-FLGA Natashquan, Quebec 57 nm N

Adobe© PDF122 KB
9/2/2002 Engine Failure and Loss of Control, Mooney M20E C-FWII Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF857 KB
7/14/2002 In-Flight Separation of Right Wing, Gilles Léger Super Chipmunk C-GLSC Saint-Stanislas de Kostka, Quebec

Adobe© PDF94 KB
5/9/2002 Nose Down and Over on Take-off, Float-equipped Cessna 180F C-FQCF Des Passes Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF163 KB
2/22/2002 In-flight Engagement of Collective Lever Lock, Héli-Inter Inc., Eurocopter AS 350 BA C-FPOO Val-d'Or Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF145 KB
1/20/2002 Collision with Terrain, Air Tuteurs ltée, Piper PA28-161 C-GBQY Patapedia River Valley, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF341 KB
12/16/2002 Loss of Engine Power / Collision with Tree, Hayes Helicopter Services Limited, Sikorsky S-61N (Shortsky) Helicopter C-FHHD Lake Errock, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF160 KB
11/20/2002 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Vancouver Control Tower Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF108 KB
11/12/2002 Gear-Up Landing, Canada Jet Charters Limited, Cessna Citation 550 C-GYCJ Sandspit Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF491 KB
10/20/2002 Engine Power Loss in Flight, Cathay Pacific Airways, Airbus A340-300 B-HXN Timmins, Ontario 40 nm W

Adobe© PDF195 KB
10/15/2002 Collision with Water, Prism Helicopters Limited, MD Helicopters 369D C-FLDW Porcher Inlet, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF1,006 KB
8/15/2002 Engine Power Loss - Component Failure, Western Aerial Applications Ltd., Eurocopter SA 315B Lama Helicopter C-GGHG McBride, British Columbia 20 nm S

Adobe© PDF114 KB
8/8/2002 Loss of Main Rotor Drive, Croman Corporation, Sikorsky S-61L (helicopter) N346AA Wendle Creek, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF183 KB
8/7/2002 Engine Power Loss, Transwest Helicopters Ltd., Bell 214B-1 (helicopter) C-GTWH Smithers, British Columbia, 10 nm S

Adobe© PDF100 KB
7/1/2002 Aircraft Stall on Take-off, Regency Express Flight Operations, Cessna 172N C-GRIL Boundary Bay Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF1,274 KB
6/19/2002 Main Rotor Blade Failure, Helifor Industries Ltd., MD Helicopter Inc. 369D (Helicopter) C-GHFA Kamloops, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF103 KB
6/6/2002 VFR Flight Into Adverse Weather, Collision With Terrain, Cessna 182P Skylane C-GASB Needle Peak, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF207 KB
5/20/2002 Loss of Control and Collision With Terrain, Northern Air Support Ltd., Bell 206L4 C-FVEF (Helicopter) Three Valley Gap, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF128 KB
2/1/2002 In-flight Engine Nose Dome Detachment, Westjet Airlines, Boeing 737-200 C-FAWJ Abbotsford Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF96 KB
1/17/2002 Cabin Entertainment System Fire, Air Canada, Airbus A330-300 C-GFAF Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF145 KB
1/8/2002 Air Proximity - Risk of Collision, Between, Pacific Coastal Airlines, Shorts SD-3-60 C-GPCJ (PCO909), and Central Mountain Air, Beechcraft 1900D C-FCMR (GLR689) Campbell River, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF81 KB
1/4/2002 Operating Irregularity, Nav Canada, Communication Equipment Failure Vancouver Area Control Centre

Adobe© PDF134 KB
12/7/2002 Roll Oscillations on Landing, Air Canada, Airbus A321-211, C-GJVX and C-GIUF, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF287 KB
10/24/2002 Aircraft Difficult to Control, Jazz Air Inc., de Havilland DHC8-311 C-FACF, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF146 KB
9/17/2002 Hard Landing Accident, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Sikorsky S-76A (Helicopter) C-GIMM London, Ontario

Adobe© PDF433 KB
9/7/2002 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Orillia Aviation Limited, Cessna 172P C-GNRJ Lake St. John, Orillia, Ontario

Adobe© PDF292 KB
8/25/2002 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Toronto Airport Control Tower, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF103 KB
5/18/2002 Nose Landing Gear Actuator Failure, Voyageur Airways, Beechcraft King Air A100 (BE-10) C-GISH North Bay Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF1,736 KB
5/13/2002 Cargo Bay Fire, Air Canada, Boeing 767–300 C–GHML, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF123 KB
4/18/2002 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Silverline Helicopters Inc., Schweizer 269C (300C) C-GGUV SU34 Hare Field, Ontario

Adobe© PDF103 KB
9/18/2002 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Toronto Area Control Centre Toronto, Ontario 15 nm SE

Adobe© PDF127 KB
6/14/2002 Tail strike on take-off and, Aircraft pitch-up on final approach, Air Canada, Airbus 330-343 C-GHLM Frankfurt/Main Airport, Germany

Adobe© PDF213 KB
10/17/2002 Cockpit Fire - Precautionary Landing, Air France, Boeing 777-228ER F-GSPZ Churchill, Manitoba 290 nm NE

Adobe© PDF102 KB
7/11/2002 Drive Shaft Failure and Collision with Terrain, Helicopter Transport Services, Bell 205 C-FPAZ Chitek Lake, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF108 KB
6/29/2002 Transwest Air Limited, Cessna A185F (Seaplane) C-GALM Engemann Lake, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF181 KB
6/28/2002 Loss of Engine Power and Forced Landing, Blue Water Aviation Services, de Havilland DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver C-FEYQ Sasaginnigak Lake, Manitoba 10 nm S

Adobe© PDF104 KB
6/11/2002 Fuel Exhaustion - Collision With Terrain, Keystone Air Services Ltd., Piper PA 31-350 Navajo Chieftain C-GPOW Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF521 KB
6/2/2002 In-Flight Engine Fire / Forced Landing, Campbell Helicopters Ltd., Bell 205A-1 Helicopter C-FMQN Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF101 KB
5/27/2002 Engine Power Loss / Forced Landing, United States Department of the Interior, Cessna TU206F (Amphibious) N753 Swan River, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF162 KB
4/25/2002 Risk of Collision, Nav Canada, Winnipeg Area Control Centre - Prince Albert Sector Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 50 nm E

Adobe© PDF106 KB
4/16/2002 Runway Excursion, Perimeter Airlines (Inland) Ltd., Swearingen SA226-TC Metro II C-GIQF Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF115 KB
3/5/2002 Operating Irregularity, Nav Canada Winnipeg Area Control Centre La Ronge, Saskatchewan 33 nm N

Adobe© PDF74 KB
9/11/2002 Wheels-Up Landing, Prince Edward Air Inc., PA-31-350 (Navajo Chieftain), C-GYYJ Halifax International Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF146 KB
9/10/2002 Runway Overrun, Arrow Air Incorporated, DC-8-63F N441J, Gander International Airport, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF187 KB
8/18/2002 Loss of Control/Collision With Ground, Canadian Helicopters, Bell Helicopter Textron 212 C-GDVG Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF105 KB
6/20/2002 Loss of Separation, NAV CANADA, Gander Area Control Centre, CYMON Sector Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador 180 nm ENE

Adobe© PDF137 KB
5/21/2002 Seat Failure and Loss of Control, Bluenose Soaring Club, Schempp-Hirth KG Cirrus (Glider) C-GUIL Stanley Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF101 KB
4/25/2002 Window Failure and Rapid Depressurization, Labrador Airways, Beech 1900 D C-GLHO, 38 NM ESE of Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF108 KB
3/27/2002 Runway Excursion, Air Canada Regional Airlines (JAZZ), Fokker F-28 MK 1000 C-FCRK Saint John, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF87 KB
3/4/2002 Loss of Directional Control and, Collision With Snowbank, Provincial Airlines Ltd., Fairchild Metro SA227-AC C-FITW Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador

Adobe© PDF98 KB
2/14/2002 Collision with Tree and Ground, Coastal Aviation Ltd., Cessna 172L, C-GFAL Brookfield, Nova Scotia 10 nm ENE

Adobe© PDF106 KB
12/31/2001 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, 10263 Aviation Ltd. (Ursus Aviation), Cessna 172N C-GGFT Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories 30 nm S

Adobe© PDF96 KB
12/18/2001 Loss of Engine Power, Hard Landing, Arctic Sunwest Charters Ltd., Eurocopter EC120B (Helicopter) C-GRTA Yellowknife, Northwest Territories 5 nm E

Adobe© PDF265 KB
11/2/2001 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Stage Air Ltd., Cessna 208B C-GGUH, Inuvik, 4 nm N Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF586 KB
10/15/2001 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Deh Cho Air Ltd., Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain C-GIPB Fort Liard, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF93 KB
10/5/2001 Power Loss - Fuel Starvation, Delta Helicopters Ltd., McDonnell Douglas 369HS (Helicopter) C-FCVV Fort Simpson, 2nm South, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF93 KB
9/13/2001 Loss of Control after Take-off, Beech UC45-J N45N Swan Lake Airstrip, Yukon Territory

Adobe© PDF94 KB
7/30/2001 Loss of Control - Uncontrolled Rotation, Canadian Helicopters, Aerospatiale AS 350BA C-FVVH Grande Cache, Alberta, 13 nm W

Adobe© PDF93 KB
7/26/2001 Collision with Terrain, Gulf Air Taxi Inc., Cessna A185F N3800Q Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, 25 nm SW

Adobe© PDF195 KB
7/4/2001 Risk of Collision, NAV CANADA, Edmonton Area Control Centre-Alsask Sector Empress VOR, Alberta, 40 nm W

Adobe© PDF104 KB
6/15/2001 Loss of Separation, Between, Air Canada Boeing 737-200 C-GCPM, and Air Canada Boeing 737-200 C-GCPV Empress, Alberta, 5 nm W

Adobe© PDF355 KB
5/31/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Edmonton Area Control Centre Edmonton, Alberta

Adobe© PDF97 KB
5/25/2001 Loss Of Control - Collision With Terrain, Air Spray (1967) Ltd., Cessna T 310Q C-FGZR Red Earth Creek, Alberta, 33 nm NE

Adobe© PDF103 KB
5/22/2001 Landing Event - Hard Landing, First Air Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI, Yellowknife Airport, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF100 KB
3/30/2001 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Cessna 210F N5812F Teslin, Yukon

Adobe© PDF140 KB
1/24/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Edmonton Area Control Centre, Edmonton International Airport, Alberta, 15 nm E

Adobe© PDF213 KB
10/8/2001 Loss of Control and Collision with Water, Air Saint-Maurice Inc., de Havilland DHC-2 Mk 1 C-GPUO Mollet Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF97 KB
10/8/2001 Loss of Control and Stall, Piper PA-23 C-FDJZ Mont-Joli, Quebec 22 nm SE

Adobe© PDF101 KB
8/9/2001 Collision With Terrain, Helimax Ltd.Hughes 369D, (500D) Helicopter C-GYTY Baffin Island, Nunavut, 69º10' N 074º21' W

Adobe© PDF190 KB
7/18/2001 Risk of Collision, Between Cargair Ltd.Cessna 172N C-GIXH and, Air Canada Regional Inc., de Havilland DHC-8-102 C-GONH, 6 NM NE of Dorval / Montréal International Airport, Quebec Dorval, Québec

Adobe© PDF110 KB
6/27/2001 Fuel Exhaustion, Bell 212 C-FXDS, Operated by Canadian Helicopters Limited Roberval, Quebec 80 nm N

Adobe© PDF197 KB
3/27/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Montréal Area Control Centre Massena, New York

Adobe© PDF106 KB
2/20/2001 Loss of Control, Aéropro Piper PA31-350 C-GNIE Val-d'Or, Quebec

Adobe© PDF96 KB
1/13/2001 Loss of Control on Take-off, PA-28-140 C-FXAY Mascouche, Quebec

Adobe© PDF163 KB
12/11/2001 Aircraft Misidentification-Safety Not Assured, Nav Canada, Vancouver ACC - Terminal Specialty, Regency Express Cessna 208B C-GRXZ, Regency Express Piper PA-31 C-GRXX Victoria Airport, British Columbia, 10 nm N

Adobe© PDF268 KB
12/3/2001 Accident, Pacific Professional Visual Flight Training, Cessna 152 C-GJKE Boundary Bay Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF165 KB
11/8/2001 Input Freewheel Unit Failure, Dwayne Air 2000, Ltd., Eurocopter SA315B Lama C-GXYM Sawtooth Mountain, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF75 KB
8/24/2001 Engine Power Loss, Pitts S2A-E C-GMWT Invermere, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF105 KB
8/20/2001 Structural Failure, Helio Courier C-FOMI Valemount, British Columbia, 37 nm SE

Adobe© PDF95 KB
8/13/2001 Collision With Terrain, Wahkash Contracting Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2 C-GVHT Mackenzie Lake, British Columbia, 4 nm NE

Adobe© PDF149 KB
7/23/2001 Loss of Separation and Risk of Collision, NAV Canada, Vancouver Area Control Centre - Nootka Sector KELSY Intersection, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF104 KB
7/18/2001 Overturned on Water Landing, Cessna U206G C-FHMW Cultus Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF97 KB
6/14/2001 ILS False Localizer Capture, Shaw Communications Inc., Bombardier CL-600-2B19 C-FSJR, Victoria International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF186 KB
6/9/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada Area Control Centre, Vancouver Terminal - Arrival Low, Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF215 KB
6/8/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada Vancouver Area Control Centre, DUXAR Intersection, British Columbia, 110 nm NW

Adobe© PDF235 KB
5/12/2001 Air Proximity - Safety Not Assured, Nav Canada, Vancouver Area Control Centre, Air Canada Airbus A320 and, Cessna 172M New Westminster, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF100 KB
5/16/2001 In-flight Break-up, BC Helicopters, Robinson R22B Helicopter, C-FHRL Abbotsford, British Columbia, 10 nm E

Adobe© PDF109 KB
3/25/2001 Main-Rotor Blade Failure, Helifor Industries Ltd., MD Helicopters 369D C-GHFL Eclipse Camp, Port Hardy, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF101 KB
3/15/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Vancouver Area Control Centre, Vancouver Terminal Specialty Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF89 KB
3/15/2001 Loss of Control—Tail-Rotor Drive Decoupling, Schweizer 269B, C-FRHO Victoria International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF88 KB
1/20/2001 Loss of Control, Cessna 172M, C-FFJF Victoria, British Columbia 6 nm S

Adobe© PDF1,048 KB
1/15/2001 Loss of Main Rotor Drive, Hayes Heli-Log Services Ltd., Sikorsky S-61N (Shortsky) Helicopter C-FHFS Porteau Cove, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF160 KB
10/23/2001 Runway Incursion, Between, Avitec Tractor 197 with Airbus A310 in tow, and, Air Canada Boeing 767-200 C-GAUH Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF199 KB
8/3/2001 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Cessna 182 D-EDOG Timmins, Ontario

Adobe© PDF107 KB
7/14/2001 Collision with Object—Wirestrike, Aerostar Balloon RX-7 C-GFLH Gloucester, Ontario

Adobe© PDF249 KB
6/18/2001 In-flight Break-up, Cessna 210L Centurion C-GPMC, Lake Lavieille, Algonquin Park, Ontario

Adobe© PDF134 KB
6/20/2001 In-flight Collision, Between Robinson R22 Mariner Helicopter, C-FFFM and Cessna 170B C-GKGG Uxbridge, Ontario

Adobe© PDF127 KB
6/17/2001 Engine Stoppage on Take-off, Cessna 172N Skyhawk C-GMHU, Toronto / Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario, 1.4 nm WNW

Adobe© PDF418 KB
4/4/2001 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Robinson R22 Beta (Helicopter) C-GVAR, Toronto / Buttonville Municipal Airport, Ontario, 10 nm NW

Adobe© PDF720 KB
1/24/2001 Collision, Between Lufthansa German Airlines, Boeing 747-430 D-ABTD and, Hudson General De-icing Beta Truck, Toronto/LBPIA Central De-icing Facility, Ontario

Adobe© PDF304 KB
10/24/2001 Landed Beside Runway, Air Canada Regional Airlines, De Havilland DHC-8-100 C-FDND Peace River, Alberta

Adobe© PDF336 KB
7/22/2001 Engine Power Loss - Forced Landing, Horizon Aerosports (1982) Ltd., Pilatus PC-6T C-GROO Abbottsford, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF130 KB
3/5/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Gander Area Control Centre Sydney, Nova Scotia, 23 nm SE

Adobe© PDF119 KB
8/4/2001 Engine Fire, Canada 3000 Ltd., Boeing 737-200 C-FRYG Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Adobe© PDF110 KB
7/20/2001 Cargo Door Opening on Take-off, Bradley Air Services Ltd. (First Air), Boeing 727-225 C-FIFA Corcaigh International Airport, Ireland

Adobe© PDF110 KB
2/15/2001 Power Loss - No. 2 Engine, Skyservice Airlines Inc., Airbus A330-300 C-FBUS Columbo, Sri Lanka

Adobe© PDF219 KB
10/11/2001 Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT), Perimeter Airlines (Inland) Ltd., Fairchild SA226TC C-GYPA Shamattawa, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF105 KB
9/27/2001 Loss of Control and Collision with Terrain, Perimeter Aviation, Beech 95 Travel Air C-FCNU, 2.4 NM North of Winnipeg International Airport Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF104 KB
9/2/2001 Engine Power Loss, Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd., Pilatus PC-12/45 C-FIJV Red Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF117 KB
7/13/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Winnipeg Area Control Centre Red Lake, Ontario, 35 nm SE

Adobe© PDF233 KB
7/7/2001 Collision with Power Line, Northwest Flying Inc., de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver (Seaplane) C-FNFO Nestor Falls, Ontario, 2 nm NW

Adobe© PDF119 KB
6/10/2001 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada Winnipeg Area Control Centre, Latitude 64º00' N, Longitude 080º00' W, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF277 KB
5/25/2001 Engine Power Loss - Collision with Trees, Piper PA-28-140 C-FXUF Russell, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF104 KB
4/28/2001 Forced Landing—Dynamic Roll-over, Heli-Max Ltd., McDonnell Douglas 369E (HU50) C-FMHM Baker Lake, Nunavut, 26 nm N

Adobe© PDF178 KB
8/13/2001 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Canadian Helicopters, Bell Helicopter Textron 206B C-GLRA Juniper Station, New Brunswick 42 Km NE

Adobe© PDF111 KB
6/5/2001 Collision With Terrain, Piper PA-31-310 Navajo C-GMTT Charlottetown, Newfoundland and Labrador, 1.5 nm W

Adobe© PDF163 KB
4/3/2001 Multiple Engine Flame-outs, Air Canada Regional Airlines, de Havilland DHC-8-100, C-GANS Sydney, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF128 KB
4/4/2001 Runway Overrun, Royal Aviation Inc., Boeing 737-200 C-GDCC St. John's International Airport, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF110 KB
3/14/2001 Loss of Control, Piper PA-30 N8736Y St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF92 KB
12/31/2000 Collision With Trees, Airborne Energy Solutions Ltd., Hughes 500D Helicopter, C-GXQI Fox Creek, Alberta, 45 nm West

Adobe© PDF136 KB
10/8/2000 Collision with Terrain, Summit Air Charters Ltd., Short Brothers SC-7 Skyvan C-FSDZ Port Radium, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF259 KB
10/2/2000 Power Loss - Mechanical Malfunction, Canadian Helicopters, Eurocopter AS 350BA C-GATX Fort Nelson, British Columbia, 90 nm E

Adobe© PDF112 KB
8/14/2000 Loss Of Control—Collision With Water, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Cessna 208 Caravan I, C-GMPB Teslin Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF239 KB
5/30/2000 Loss of Control - Stall, Aerial Recon Surveys, Cessna 177B Cardinal C-GPML Calling Lake, Alberta

Adobe© PDF98 KB
6/1/2000 Collision with Fence, Bailey Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GIFR Helmut, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF96 KB
5/11/2000 Rejected Take-off / Runway Overrun, Air Canada Douglas DC-9 C-FTLM Edmonton International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF99 KB
4/15/2000 VFR Flight into Terrain--Reduced Visibility, Cessna 172RG C-GBEJ Fox Lake, Yukon Territory

Adobe© PDF100 KB
4/12/2000 In-flight Icing / Loss of Control, Accent Aviation, Cessna 310I C-GWWO Calgary, Alberta

Adobe© PDF92 KB
3/23/2000 Loss of Control, Rotorway Exec 90 (Helicopter) C-GZXE Innisfail Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF188 KB
3/6/2000 Runway Incursion, Between Alberta Citylink, British Aerospace Jetstream 31-12 C-FBIJ, and Air BC Limited, de Havilland DHC-8-311 C-GABP Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF134 KB
10/6/2000 Smoke in Cabin from Overheated Fan, Transport Canada, Cessna 550 C-FJCZ Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

Adobe© PDF374 KB
9/27/2000 Runway Excursion, Hydro-Québec, Convair Liner 340 (580) C-GFHH La Grande 4, Quebec

Adobe© PDF141 KB
8/29/2000 Risk of Collision, Between Air Canada Airbus, Industrie A319-114 C-FYJB and, Cessna 152 C-GFBJ, Montréal International Airport (Dorval), Quebec 1 nm West

Adobe© PDF118 KB
8/26/2000 Runway Incursion, Air Canada, Airbus Industrie A319-114 C-FYJG Montréal International Airport (Dorval), Quebec

Adobe© PDF457 KB
7/23/2000 Runway Excursion, Royal Air Maroc, Boeing 747-200 CN-RME Dorval / Montréal International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF148 KB
4/27/2000 In-flight Break-up, Bell 206B-III (helicopter) C-GFSE Beloeil, Quebec

Adobe© PDF114 KB
4/11/2000 Incorrect Assembly of Aileron Control System, Cessna 172L C-FAXL Maniwaki, Quebec

Adobe© PDF113 KB
1/13/2000 Collision with the ground, Cargair Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2 Mk. 1 Beaver C-FIVA Lake Adonis, Quebec

Adobe© PDF458 KB
12/31/2000 Controlled Flight Into Terrain - On Approach, Piper Aerostar 602P N88AT Okanagan Mountain, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF75 KB
12/2/2000 Loss of Aileron Control, Canada Jet Charters Ltd., Learjet 35A C-GDJH Vancouver, British Columbia, 30 nm NW

Adobe© PDF549 KB
11/1/2000 Loss of Power and Collision with Water, West Coast Air, de Havilland DHC-6 (Twin Otter) C-GGAW Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF208 KB
10/31/2000 Main-Rotor Blade Failure, Prism Helicopters Ltd, MD Helicopter 369D, C-GXON Mt. Modeste, British Columbia 5 nm NW

Adobe© PDF155 KB
10/25/2000 Runway Incursion, Between Air BC Ltd.de Havilland DHC-8-100, AND, Horizon Air de Havilland DHC-8-200, Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF587 KB
10/8/2000 Hazardous Situation - ATC Irregularity, Nav Canada, Vancouver Area Control Centre Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF98 KB
10/12/2000 Collision with Terrain on Take-off, Piper Aircraft PA-24-250 Comanche, N6917P Rendell Creek Airstrip, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF89 KB
10/2/2000 Loss of Control, Cessna 310R, C-GRSJ Golden, British Columbia, 3 nm NNE

Adobe© PDF100 KB
9/28/2000 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Cessna 185F N90151 Smithers, British Columbia 80 nm NW

Adobe© PDF104 KB
9/22/2000 Collision with Terrain, Seair Services 1990 Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2T Beaver C-FOES Clearwater, British Columbia, 18 nm NW

Adobe© PDF365 KB
9/14/2000 Input Freewheel Unit Malfunction, Helijet International Inc., Sikorsky S-61N/SP (Helicopter) C-GHJU Vancouver Harbour Heliport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF100 KB
8/17/2000 Collision with Water, Whistler Air Services Ltd., Cessna 185 Floatplane, C-GEJC Green Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF88 KB
7/1/2000 Loss of Control, Bellanca 65-CA Aeronca C-FAUX Fort Steele, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF92 KB
6/22/2000 Collision with Terrain, Trans North Turbo Air Limited, Bell 206L-3 Longranger (Helicopter) C-FJAL Llewellyn Glacier, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF104 KB
6/19/2000 Loss of Control, Avnorth Aviation Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2 C-GAXE Hotnarko Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF112 KB
6/12/2000 Cabin Depressurization, WestJet Airlines Ltd., Boeing 737-200 C-FGWJ Kelowna, British Columbia, 120 nm NE

Adobe© PDF111 KB
6/13/2000 Loss of Control, Cessna 180E C-FEGS McIvor Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF96 KB
6/1/2000 Collision with Terrain, Stits Playmate SA-11A (Amateur built) C-FWFU Kamloops, British Columbia 3 nm N
5/30/2000 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Vancouver Area Control Centre—West Sector Tofino, British Columbia 17 nm E

Adobe© PDF94 KB
5/10/2000 Tail-Rotor Gearbox Malfunction, Chinook Helicopters Ltd., Bell 47 G2 (Helicopter) C-FKNQ Abbotsford, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF131 KB
3/31/2000 Air Proximity Event, Between West Coast Air, de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter C-GQKN, AND, Cessna 172 N8522U, Victoria International Airport 8 nm N Victoria, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF814 KB
3/17/2000 Fan Cowl Separation, Canada 3000 Airbus A330-200 C-GGWA, Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF78 KB
2/21/2000 Engine Power Loss - Mechanical Malfunction, Schweizer 269C (Helicopter) C-GFJO Prince George, British Columbia 20 nm S

Adobe© PDF300 KB
2/7/2000 Controlled Flight onto Ice, TGH Holdings Limited (Terry Air), Piper Navajo Chieftain C-GBFZ Williston Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF105 KB
1/20/2000 Power Loss, Turbowest Helicopters Limited, Eurocopter Lama SA 315B (helicopter) C-FJJW Goldbridge, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF91 KB
1/13/2000 Operating Irregularity, Central Mountain Airways, Beech 1900D C-FCMP Vancouver, British Columbia 20 nm NE

Adobe© PDF1,089 KB
12/18/2000 Incident — Runway Overrun, Antonov Airlines, Antonov 124-100 UR-82029 Windsor Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF170 KB
10/3/2000 Engine Failure - Forced Landing, Ottawa Aviation Services, Diamond DA 20-A1 C-GOAS Ottawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF710 KB
9/13/2000 Difficulty to Control, Ontario Fun Flyers Inc., Cessna 150G C-FVDR Kingston, Ontario

Adobe© PDF709 KB
9/13/2000 Fan Cowl Separation, Skyservice Airlines Incorporated Airbus A320-232 C-GTDC Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Adobe© PDF137 KB
6/13/2000 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Grand Aire Express Inc., Dassault-Breguet Falcon 20E N184GA Peterborough Airport, Ontario 0.5 nm W

Adobe© PDF165 KB
3/13/2000 Midair Collision, Between, Island Air Flight School & Charters Inc., Cessna 172 C-GSAR, and Cessna 337 Skymaster C-GZYO Toronto/City Centre Airport 18 nm NE

Adobe© PDF79 KB
12/4/2000 Gear-Up Landing, Department of Transport Aircraft Services, Beechcraft King Air A100 C-FDOU Ottawa/Gatineau Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF1,725 KB
9/22/2000 Runway Excursion, First Air, Boeing 727-200 C-GXFA Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF104 KB
9/15/2000 Runway Overrun, Miami Air Inc., Boeing 727-200A N806MA Ottawa, Ontario

Adobe© PDF152 KB
5/27/2000 Loss of Separation / Safety not Assured, Between, Air Canada Boeing 767-233 C-GAUP, and Skyservice Airlines Inc., Cessna Citation 650 C-FJJC Montreal, Quebec 5nm W

Adobe© PDF300 KB
4/11/2000 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Gander Area Control Centre Sydney, Nova Scotia 95 nm N

Adobe© PDF107 KB
2/27/2000 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Athabaska Airways Ltd., Piper Navajo Chieftain PA-31-350 C-FATS Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF454 KB
11/6/2000 Collision with Terrain, Keystone Air Service Ltd., Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-GZFK Winnipeg International Airport, Manitoba, 2 nm S

Adobe© PDF90 KB
9/6/2000 Loss of Separation, Nav Canada, Winnipeg Area Control Centre Lumsden, Saskatchewan, 45 nm W

Adobe© PDF98 KB
7/17/2000 Loss of Control — Collision with Terrain, Piper PA-25-150 C-GSRG Harding, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF98 KB
5/20/2000 Loss of Control — Collision With Level Ice, Helicopter Transport Services (Canada) Inc., Bell 206L LongRanger (Helicopter) C-GJOL Resolute, Nunavut 35 nm SW

Adobe© PDF153 KB
3/17/2000 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 180J C-GRPR Smoothstone Lake, Saskatchewan 10 nm SE

Adobe© PDF258 KB
3/17/2000 Loss of Control on Go-around, Points North Air Services Inc., Douglas Aircraft Company DC-3 C-FNTF Ennadai Lake, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF432 KB
11/28/2000 Runway Overrun, Canadian Regional Airlines, Fokker F-28 C-GKCR Fredericton, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF94 KB
11/13/2000 Engine Failure, Canadian Airlines International, Boeing 737-217, C-GKCP Fredericton, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF86 KB
7/19/2000 Loss of Control - Spin, Shearwater Flying Club, Cessna 150M C-GLJK Porter's Lake, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF369 KB
5/10/2000 Collision with Water, Department of Transport Aircraft Services, (Canadian Coast Guard), Bell 212 C-GCHG Cabot Island, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF168 KB
5/6/2000 Loss of Control / Stall, Atlantic Aviation Academy Inc., Piper PA-28 Cherokee Warrior II C-GQHE Sydney, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF243 KB
3/22/2000 Collision With Trees, Jetport Inc., Israel Aircraft Industries Astra SPX Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF102 KB
12/24/1999 Engine Fire, Air Canada, Airbus A320-211 C-FGYS Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF106 KB
8/5/1999 Risk of Collision, Between Korean Air Boeing 747-200 HL-7471, and Lufthansa German Airlines, Boeing 747-200 D-ABZH JOWIT Intersection (58º40' N, 110ºW), Alberta

Adobe© PDF272 KB
5/1/1999 Loss of Separation, Between Air Canada, Airbus Industrie A320 G-FNNA, and Canadian Airlines International, Boeing 737-200 C-GQBH Calgary, Alberta 6 nm NE

Adobe© PDF279 KB
4/28/1999 In-Flight Fire, Aerospatiale AS 355 F1 Twinstar (Helicopter), C-GTUI Fairview, Alberta 10 nm E

Adobe© PDF114 KB
3/10/1999 Wing Strike on Landing, Delta Air Lines, Boeing 727-200 N8873Z Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF109 KB
2/27/1999 Runway Incursion, Between Air Canada, Airbus Industrie A319-100 C-FZUL, and Calgary Flight Training Centre, (CFTC) Cessna 172 C-GVLO Calgary, Alberta

Adobe© PDF61 KB
2/26/1999 Collision with Wire, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Bell 206B C-FOAH Entrance, Alberta

Adobe© PDF141 KB
2/19/1999 Controlled Flight into Terrain (Lake), Slave Air (1998) Ltd., Beech King Air C90 C-GSAX Slave Lake, Alberta 3 nm NW

Adobe© PDF1,257 KB
8/12/1999 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Régionnair Inc., Raytheon Beech 1900D C-FLIH Sept-Îles, Quebec

Adobe© PDF91 KB
7/11/1999 Loss of Control / Impact with the Ground, Cosmos U.L.M. Inc., Cosmos Phase II ES C-IFEK Saint-Mathias-de-Richelieu, Quebec

Adobe© PDF109 KB
4/23/1999 Obstructed Elevator Control, Cessna 172 C-FKHS Lac-à-la-Tortue, Quebec

Adobe© PDF159 KB
4/13/1999 Loss of Control, Myrand Aviation, Cessna 335 C-GMZV Gaspé, Quebec

Adobe© PDF154 KB
1/4/1999 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Régionnair Inc., Beechcraft 1900C C-FGOI Saint-Augustin, Quebec

Adobe© PDF120 KB
12/28/1999 Loss of Control, Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian C-FGGG Abbotsford Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF358 KB
11/20/1999 In-flight Collision, Between ERCO Aircoupe 415C C-GHFB, and Pacific Flying Club, Cessna 152 C-GPFE Cloverdale, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF595 KB
9/26/1999 Collision with Boat, West Coast Air Limited, de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver C-GSUE Vancouver Harbour, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF345 KB
8/20/1999 Midair Collision, Between Cessna 177RG Cardinal C-GWYY, and Mooney M20C C-GASL Penticton, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF429 KB
8/15/1999 Collision with Terrain, A.A.L. Air Alps (Glacier Air), Eurocopter AS350BA (Helicopter) C-GDWF Squamish, British Columbia, 3 nm W

Adobe© PDF710 KB
7/4/1999 Power Loss—Fuel Starvation, East West Helicopters Ltd., Bell 214B Helicopter C-GEWT Kaslo, British Columbia 35 nm NW

Adobe© PDF131 KB
5/16/1999 Mid-air Collision, Between Cessna 172D C-FBVW, and Cessna 172 C-GWAC 108 Mile Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF246 KB
1/13/1999 Controlled Flight into Terrain (CFIT), Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd., Douglas DC-3C C-GWUG Mayne Island, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF83 KB
10/13/1999 Collision with Object - Wirestrike, Lakeland Airways Limited, Cessna A185F C-GDIV Temagami, Ontario 6 nm S

Adobe© PDF64 KB
10/10/1999 Collision with Terrain, Compton Airways Ltd., Cessna 172M C-GUVC Bancroft, Ontario 1 nm W

Adobe© PDF110 KB
5/24/1999 Collision with Terrain, Mitsubishi MU-2B-40 Solitaire N701K, Parry Sound / Georgian Bay Airport, Ontario 1nm W

Adobe© PDF95 KB
4/6/1999 Loss of Control / Spiral, Canadian Flight Academy Ltd., Cessna 152 C-GGGK Valentia, Ontario

Adobe© PDF172 KB
10/15/1999 Between Air Nova, de Havilland Aircraft DHC-8-100 C-GONN, and Inter-Canadien, Avions de Transport Régional ATR-42-300 C-FTCP Halifax International Airport, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF117 KB
7/13/1999 Between Adler Aviation, Cessna Golden Eagle 421C C-GTGR, and National Flying Academy, Piper Seminole PA-44 C-FPMH Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF192 KB
6/7/1999 Between Province of Manitoba, Piper PA-31 Navajo C-GRNE, and Brandon Flying Club, Mooney M20C C-GKGY Winnipeg International Airport, 5 nm West

Adobe© PDF121 KB
6/14/1999 Loss of Control After Take-off, Thunder Airlines Limited, Beech Aircraft Corporation A100 C-GASW Thunder Bay Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF245 KB
1/18/1999 Loss of Separation, Between Air Canada, Boeing 767-233 C-GPWB, and, Canadian Airlines International, Boeing 767-300 C-FCAG Langruth, Manitoba, 35 nm W

Adobe© PDF106 KB
11/22/1999 Runway Overrun/Collision with Approach Lights, Bearskin Lake Air Services, Fairchild Metro SA-227-AC C-FFZN Dryden, Ontario

Adobe© PDF100 KB
10/2/1999 Fuel Contamination - Loss of Engine Power, North Star Air Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver (Seaplane) C-GZBQ Pickle Lake, Ontario 6 nm N

Adobe© PDF286 KB
8/29/1999 Engine Power Loss / Forced Landing, Sowind Air Ltd., Piper PA-31-350 C-GHMK Princess Harbour, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF104 KB
7/11/1999 Loss of Control / Collision with Terrain, Mooney M-20F C-GGIK St. Andrews, Manitoba 2 nm SE

Adobe© PDF113 KB
6/25/1999 Loss of Engine Power / Collision with Terrain, Blue Water Aviation Services Ltd., de Havilland DHC-3 Otter, C-FIFP Long Haul Lake, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF66 KB
6/9/1999 Power Loss / Forced Landing, Athabaska Airways Ltd., Sikorsky S55B/T (Helicopter) C-FUNT Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan 16 nm NW

Adobe© PDF71 KB
5/1/1999 Collision with Terrain, Points North Air Services, de Havilland DHC-3 C-FASV Points North Landing, Saskatchewan 22 nm NW

Adobe© PDF114 KB
9/24/1999 Landing Short, Air Canada Airbus A320-211 C-FKCO St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF397 KB
8/1/1999 Runway Overrun, Inter-Canadien, Fokker F28 Mk 1000 C-GTIZ St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF201 KB
3/31/1999 Injuries to Person While Deplaning, Air Canada, Boeing 767-200, C-FBEM St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF693 KB
3/19/1999 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Provincial Airlines Limited, de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter C-FWLQ Davis Inlet, Newfoundland 2 nm NNE

Adobe© PDF98 KB
9/27/1998 Loss of Separation, Between Air Canada, Boeing 747-238 C-GAGC, and Air Canada, Boeing 747-400 C-GAGM, 55 North Latitude and 10 West Longitude North Atlantic Ocean

Adobe© PDF95 KB
9/14/1998 Engine Failure, Martinair Holland N. V., Boeing 767-300 PH-MCI Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF96 KB
8/31/1998 Loss of Control/Hard Landing, Canadian Helicopters Ltd., Eurocopter AS350B ASTAR (Helicopter) C-FSLF Slave Lake, Alberta 22 mi S

Adobe© PDF58 KB
7/18/1998 Loss of Control - Rotorcraft, Precision Helicopters Inc., Bell 206B C-GPGA Grande Prairie, Alberta 56 nm SW

Adobe© PDF185 KB
5/7/1998 Loss of Directional Control, Highland Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B JetRanger II (Helicopter) C-GHHT Whitecourt, Alberta 30 nm N

Adobe© PDF137 KB
4/21/1998 Risk of Collision, Between Canada 3000, Airbus SA320-212 C-GVXF, and Semitool Inc., Rockwell International 690C N48BA Calgary, Alberta

Adobe© PDF100 KB
3/14/1998 Collision with Object, All West Air Services Ltd., Piper PA-34-200 Seneca 1 C-GRFE Grande Prairie, Alberta

Adobe© PDF381 KB
1/20/1998 Unstabilized Approach/ Hard Landing, Alberta Citylink, British Aerospace Jetstream 31 C-FBIE Lloydminster, Alberta

Adobe© PDF112 KB
1/15/1998 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Airco Aircraft Charters, Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-FZBW Rainbow Lake, Alberta

Adobe© PDF438 KB
12/7/1998 Loss of Control, Air Satellite Inc., Britten-Norman BN2A-26 C-FCVK Pointe-Lebel, Quebec

Adobe© PDF116 KB
12/4/1998 Loss of Visual References /, Flight Into Terrain, Hélicoptère Colibri Inc., Bell 206L-1 LongRanger (Helicopter) C-GLBH, 12 nm SW of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec

Adobe© PDF198 KB
12/3/1998 Rejected Take-off / Runway Overrun, First Air / Bradley Air Services Limited, Hawker Siddeley HS-748-2A C-FBNW Iqaluit, Nunavut

Adobe© PDF373 KB
7/18/1998 Spin--Loss of Directional Control, Laurentide Aviation, Cessna 152 C-GZLZ Lac Saint-François, Quebec

Adobe© PDF812 KB
6/18/1998 In-flight fire__Landing gear well, Propair Inc., Swearingen SA226-TC C-GQAL Mirabel / Montréal International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF70 KB
5/14/1998 Fuel Exhaustion, Avionair Inc., Piper Navajo PA-31-350 C-GUVK La Grande 3 Airport, Quebec, 4 nm SE

Adobe© PDF121 KB
4/25/1998 Jamming of Elevators in Flight, Air Alliance, de Havilland DHC-8-102 C-FHRC Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF94 KB
3/28/1998 Impact with the Ground, Hémisph-Air Services Ltd., Piper PA-34-200T, C-FCYV, Québec/Jean-Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF128 KB
2/26/1998 Mid-Air Collision, between Transport Air Cessna 172 C-GXSD, and Aérotaxi Diamond DA 20-A1 Katana C-GADA St-Hubert Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF102 KB
1/20/1998 Engine Fire and Crash on Take-off, Air Nunavut Ltd., Piper PA31-350 Navajo Chieftain C-FDNF Sanikiluaq, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF140 KB
11/23/1998 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Regency Express Air Operations, Cessna 208B Caravan N9352B Mount Tuam, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF145 KB
8/4/1998 Collision with Water, Harbour Air Ltd., de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver C-FOCJ Kincolith, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF111 KB
7/15/1998 Loss of Control -- Collision with Water, Air Rainbow Midcoast (444316 B.C. Ltd.), de Havilland DHC-2 MKI C-GCZA Saturna Island, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF145 KB
6/20/1998 Loss of Separation Between, Piper Aircraft Comanche PA-24 N6857P and, Piper Aircraft Twin Comanche PA-30 C-FFMW, and Operating Irregularity Between, Piper Aircraft Comanche PA-24 N6857P and, Fairchild Industries Merlin 3 SA-226-TC C-GMET Victoria, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF98 KB
6/17/1998 Tail Rotor Pitch Link Failure, Helijet Airways Inc. Sikorsky S-76A (Helicopter) C-GHJL Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF101 KB
4/17/1998 Engine Fire in Flight, Shadow Forest Services Ltd., Piper PA-31 Navajo C-GBFZ Port Hardy, British Columbia, 50 nm NE

Adobe© PDF81 KB
1/19/1998 Loss of Rotor RPM and Forced Landing, BigHorn Aviation Inc., Eurocopter AS-350D (Helicopter) C-GBRC Cranbrook VOR Site, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF113 KB
2/1/1998 Operating Irregularity, Air BC Ltd., British Aerospace BAE146 Flight ABL814 Vancouver, British Columbia 30 nm N

Adobe© PDF95 KB
11/12/1998 Loss of Control / Stall, Airventures Aviation, Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C-GZOV Toronto City Centre Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF129 KB
8/13/1998 In-Flight Main Rotor Blade Separation, AG-Rotors Inc., Bell 47-G2 (Helicopter) C-FODS Windsor, Ontario 3nm E

Adobe© PDF334 KB
7/27/1998 Stall/Collision with Trees on Take-off, Piper PA 28-151 C-GDVL Espanola West, Ontario

Adobe© PDF100 KB
7/16/1998 Main Landing Gear Collapsed, Transport Canada, Beech A100 King Air C-FDOR, Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF58 KB
6/8/1998 Loss of Control - Stall, Toronto Airways Ltd., Cessna 150M C-GSCN Coppins Corners, Ontario 1.5 nm S

Adobe© PDF170 KB
5/1/1998 In-Flight Wing Separation, Skyhopper (Amateur-Built) C-FRDG, Smiths Falls-Montague (Russ Beach) Airport, Ontario 2 mi S

Adobe© PDF254 KB
3/18/1998 Scrape Wingtip on Landing, AllCanada Express Limited, Boeing 727-260 C-FACM Hamilton, Ontario

Adobe© PDF151 KB
2/18/1998 Runway Overrunbr /> Reliant Airlines Inc., Dassault/Sud Fan Jet Falcon N212R Peterborough Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF180 KB
12/17/1998 Risk of Collision, Between, NAV CANADA Canadair CL-600-2A12, and Transport Canada, Airport Maintenance Vehicle, Staff 61 Terrace Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF32,686 KB
9/2/1998 In-Flight Fire Leading to Collision with Water, Swissair Transport Limited, McDonnell Douglas MD-11 HB-IWF Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia 5 nm SW

Adobe© PDF216 KB
7/20/1998 Loss of Separation, Between, Air Canada Boeing 747-400 C-GAGN, and Air France Airbus A340 F-GLZL, North Atlantic, St. John's, Newfoundland 125 nm S

Adobe© PDF116 KB
7/22/1998 Loss of a Propeller in Flight, Aéro 3000, Piper PA-31P C-GAFG, 20 nm north of the VOR Watertown, New York, U.S.A.

Adobe© PDF148 KB
8/6/1998 Runway Overrun, Wasaya Airways Ltd., BAe 748-2A (HS-748-2A) C-GTAD Kasabonika, Ontario

Adobe© PDF87 KB
4/23/1998 Loss of Power/Loss of Control, Yukon Helicopters Ltd., Hughes 369HS C-FZXC (Helicopter) Waasagomach, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF169 KB
2/20/1998 Collision With Terrain, Interlake International Pilot Training Centre, Diamond Aircraft Industries Inc. DA-20-A1 Katana Kinosota, Manitoba 3 nm NE

Adobe© PDF154 KB
12/30/1998 Collision with Trees, Knighthawk Air Express Limited, Dassault-Breguet Falcon 20D C-GTAK St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF158 KB
12/15/1998 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 172M C-GDTK Liverpool, Nova Scotia 2 nm West

Adobe© PDF235 KB
5/18/1998 Forced Landing, V. Kelner Airways Limited, Pilatus PC-12 C-FKAL Clarenville, Newfoundland 1.5 nm SE

Adobe© PDF84 KB
4/28/1998 Aircraft Control Difficulty, Air Labrador, DeHavilland DHC-8-102 C-GAAN St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF90 KB
3/31/1998 Loss of Control, Helico Air Services Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GQKV Trenton, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF79 KB
3/20/1998 Loss of Control - Stall, Piper PA-23-250 N456MR St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF59 KB
12/10/1997 Main Rotor Blade Separation in Flight, Rupert's Land Operations Inc., Hughes 369D (Helicopter) C-FDTN Provost, Alberta, 14 km N

Adobe© PDF64 KB
10/20/1997 Collision with Terrain, Yellowhead Helicopters Limited, Bell 206B II (Helicopter) C-GWXJ Gordondale, Alberta 8 nm SW

Adobe© PDF67 KB
7/24/1997 Engine Failure, Fireweed Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-FNIQ Dawson, Yukon 60 nm North

Adobe© PDF74 KB
7/9/1997 Damage to Aircraft - Over-Stress, Department of Transport Aircraft Services, Bell 206B JetRanger (Helicopter) C-FDOE Nordegg Recreational Campground, Alberta

Adobe© PDF3,040 KB
12/7/1997 Mid-Air Collision, between Cessna 172M C-GEYG, of Cargair Ltd.and Cessna 150H C-FNLD Mascouche Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF65 KB
10/22/1997 Crash on Take-off, Piper Malibu PA-46-350P C-FLER St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF328 KB
8/22/1997 Wire strike on take-off, Piper Aztec PA23-250 C-GFNT Squaw Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF408 KB
8/10/1997 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 180K C-GIGK Aux Mélèzes River, Quebec

Adobe© PDF122 KB
7/28/1997 In-Flight Break-up, Cessna 210F C-FSEX Milan, Quebec

Adobe© PDF67 KB
6/14/1997 Controlled Flight Into Terrain Mountain, Cessna A185F Skywagon N4758E Lac Morin, Quebec

Adobe© PDF335 KB
2/17/1997 In-Flight Breakup, Cessna A185F C-GCTI Sept-Îles, Quebec 21 nm N

Adobe© PDF285 KB
1/28/1997 Rejected take-off/Runway excursion, Propair Inc., Beechcraft Super King Air 200 C-GCEV Sept-Îles Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF103 KB
1/10/1997 Risk of Collision, between ATR 42-300 C-FTCP of, Inter-Canadien Aérospatiale, and a convoy of snow removal vehicles, Quebec/Jean-Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF126 KB
12/16/1997 Collision with Water, Terry Air Cessna 402C C-GKWV Mackenzie, British Columbia 23 nm N

Adobe© PDF394 KB
10/30/1997 Flight Control System Malfunction, Columbia Helicopters Inc., Boeing Vertol BV-234 (Helicopter) C-FHFH Comox Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF65 KB
8/3/1997 Collision With Terrain, Nelson Mountain Air Limited, Cessna 337D Super Skymaster C-FYOC Salmo, British Columbia, 11 nm SE

Adobe© PDF111 KB
7/30/1997 Collision With Terrain, Northern Mountain Helicopters Inc., Bell 206B (Helicopter) C-GVQK Bear Valley, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF69 KB
6/17/1997 Fuel Exhaustion, Kenn Borek Air Ltd., de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, C-FPAT Yakoun Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF125 KB
5/30/1997 Loss of Separation between, Air Canada Boeing 767 C-GAUB (ACA109) and, Morningstar Air Express Inc., Cessna 208 Caravan C-FEXX (MAL7072) Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF67 KB
5/17/1997 Loss of Separation Between, Central Mountain Air, Beechcraft 1900D C-GCML, and Air BC de Havilland DHC-8-300 C-FACV Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF72 KB
5/16/1997 Loss of Separation - No Risk of Collision, Between Canadian Regional Airlines Ltd., de Havilland DHC-8-300A C-FTAK, and Vancouver Professional Flight Centre, Cessna 172M C-GHNV Vancouver, British Columbia 15 nm S

Adobe© PDF94 KB
4/19/1997 Loss of Cyclic Control -, Collision with Terrain, Coulson Aircrane Ltd., Sikorsky S-61N (Helicopter) C-GBRF Stave Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF112 KB
3/11/1997 Loss of Separation between, Cypress Jetprop Charter Ltd., Convair CV580 C-GTTG, and Canadian Regional Airlines, de Havilland DHC-8 C-GTAI Vancouver, British Columbia 8 nm S

Adobe© PDF62 KB
3/1/1997 Roll-Over On Landing, Alpine Helicopters Limited, Bell 212 (Helicopter) C-GALI Mica Creek, British Columbia 3 nm SW

Adobe© PDF61 KB
1/11/1997 Collision with Terrain, Mountain High Helicopters Limited, Aerospatiale Eurocopter AS-350BA, (Helicopter) C-FJJH Kimberley, British Columbia 10 nm West

Adobe© PDF94 KB
6/23/1997 Stall - Spin, Douglas De Nien Sparrow Hawk CF-ASQ Grand Valley (Private Aerodrome), Ontario

Adobe© PDF112 KB
6/13/1997 Wheels-Up Landing - Unintentional, North American Airlines Ltd, Swearingen SA226-TC C-FEPW, Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF63 KB
6/8/1997 Loss of Control - Stall, Piper J4A C-GFLE Ponsonby, Ontario

Adobe© PDF140 KB
5/14/1997 Reversed Elevator Trim Tab Control, Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd., Convair 340/580 C-GKFO Hamilton, Ontario

Adobe© PDF61 KB
4/15/1997 Loss of Engine Power, Ottawa Aviation Services Inc., Diamond DA20-A1 Katana C-FTKZ Cornwall Regional Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF203 KB
3/18/1997 Loss of Control, Government of Canada, Department of Transport, Aircraft Services Directorate, Beechcraft King Air A90 C-FCGE North Bay, Ontario

Adobe© PDF84 KB
1/3/1997 Loss of Directional Control, Nakina Outpost Camps & Air Service Ltd., Cessna 208B Caravan C-FTZF Nakina Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF230 KB
9/20/1997 Loss of Separation, Between, Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger N8MC, and British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-BNLK Iqaluit, Northwest Territories 40 nm NW

Adobe© PDF857 KB
12/16/1997 Loss of Control on Go-around (Rejected Landing), Air Canada Canadair CL-600-2B19 C-FSKI Fredericton Airport, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF69 KB
9/1/1997 Loss of Centerline Landing Gear, Air Canada, Airbus A340-313 C-FYLD Frankfurt, Germany

Adobe© PDF166 KB
4/17/1997 Risk of Collision Between, Air Atlantic British Aerospace, Jetstream 41 C-FTVQ and, Department of National Defence, Lockheed T-33 Pirate 61 Fredericton, New Brunswick 16 nm SE

Adobe© PDF276 KB
3/12/1997 Risk of Collision between, Avionair Inc., Swearingen Aviation Metro II C-GBXX and, Air Canada, Canadair Ltd. CL-600 Regional Jet C-FSKI Ottawa/MacDonald-Cartier International Airport

Adobe© PDF1,460 KB
9/6/1997 Uncontained Engine Failure, Canadian Airlines International, Boeing 767-375ER C-FTCA Beijing, China

Adobe© PDF938 KB
12/9/1997 Collision with Terrain, Sowind Air Limited, Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante C-GVRO Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF83 KB
11/29/1997 Rejected Take-Off - Runway Overrun, Ministic Air Ltd., Beech 1900D C-FYSJ Island Lake, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF115 KB
10/30/1997 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, McMurray Aviation, Piper PA-34-200T Seneca C-GPRL La Loche, Saskatchewan 8 nm W

Adobe© PDF111 KB
10/4/1997 Collision With Terrain, Mitchinson Flying Service Limited, Cessna 152 C-GZCT Vanscoy, Saskatchewan 4 nm S

Adobe© PDF73 KB
8/21/1997 Loss of Control, Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd, Fairchild Metro 23 C-GYTL Winnipeg, Manitoba 18 nm NE

Adobe© PDF74 KB
9/12/1997 Power Loss/Collision with Trees/Terrain, Manan Air Services Inc., Piper PA-31-310 C-FZVC Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF69 KB
9/5/1997 Power Loss - Forced Landing, Aviation Career Academy Limited, Zenair CH2000 C-GSOA Bell Island, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF85 KB
8/10/1997 Main Transmission Failure - Forced Landing, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Ltd., Bell 206L C-GJBC Goose Bay, Labrador 27 nm N

Adobe© PDF212 KB
7/1/1997 Gear-Up Landing, Cougar Helicopters Inc., Eurocopter AS332L, Super Puma (Helicopter) C-GQCH St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF92 KB
10/23/1996 Aircraft Broke Through Ice, Bell 206L-1 LongRanger (Helicopter) C-GZAA Snare River, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF97 KB
9/23/1996 Engine Failure/Forced Landing, Trans North Turbo Air Ltd., McDonnell-Douglas 369D (Helicopter) C-GDMP Fire Lake, Yukon

Adobe© PDF116 KB
9/16/1996 Loss of Control, Spiral Cessna 150 C FQZC Bellis, Alberta

Adobe© PDF27 KB
4/26/1996 Collision with Terrain/Ice, Canadian Helicopters Limited Western Division, Bell 206B Jetranger (Helicopter) C-FZSI Mould Bay, Northwest Territories 9 SM S(T)

Adobe© PDF22 KB
3/12/1996 Loss of engine power/stall, Cessna 177RG Cardinal C-GWNW Airdrie, Alberta

Adobe© PDF102 KB
10/23/1996 Loss of Control and Runway Excursion, Propair Inc., Swearingen SA226-TC C-GKFS Puvirnituq, Quebec

Adobe© PDF105 KB
8/12/1996 Rejected Landing/Loss of Control, First Air DHC-6 Series 300 C-GNDN Iqaluit, Northwest Territories 85 nm NW

Adobe© PDF216 KB
7/20/1996 Capsizing at Take-off, Cessna U206F C-GNUG Rivière des Prairies, Quebec

Adobe© PDF99 KB
6/9/1996 Loss of Wheels on Landing, Inter-Canadien Fokker F-28 Mk1000 C-FCRI Quebec/Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF117 KB
5/30/1996 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Les Transports Aéro 2000 Inc., Piper PA-31 Navajo C-GRPM Nouveau-Québec Crater, Quebec

Adobe© PDF18 KB
3/10/1996 Fire on Take-off, Piper Apache PA-23 C-FYXT Saint-Mathias Aerodrome, Quebec

Adobe© PDF94 KB
10/16/1996 Transmission Spindle Mount Failure, Transwest Helicopters Ltd., Bell 214B-1 (Helicopter) C-GTWH New Denver, British Columbia 10 nm SE

Adobe© PDF101 KB
9/7/1996 Collision with Water, Wayco Aviation, Cessna 180J C-FRLI Knot Lake, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF84 KB
8/18/1996 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Harbour Air Limited, De Havilland DHC-3 Otter C-GCMY Alliford Bay, British Columbia 18 nm S

Adobe© PDF81 KB
8/14/1996 In-flight Engine Fire and Separation, Air North, Douglas DC-4(C54A-DC) C-FGNI Bronson Creek, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF16 KB
7/21/1996 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 150, C-FLYU Powell River, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF19 KB
7/7/1996 Loss of Control - Stall, Piper PA-28-151 Warrior C-GHWH Nelson, British Columbia 30 nm East

Adobe© PDF19 KB
6/26/1996 Main Rotor Strike, Pemberton Helicopters Inc., Bell 206B II, C-GJPK Squamish, British Columbia 10 nm East

Adobe© PDF20 KB
5/9/1996 Collision with Terrain, Buffalo Narrows Airways, de Havilland DHC-3 Otter C-GDOB Terrace, British Columbia 30 nm e

Adobe© PDF109 KB
4/26/1996 Collision with Terrain, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Eurocopter AS-350BA (Helicopter) C-GRGK Revelstoke, British Columbia, 50 nm North

Adobe© PDF22 KB
1/13/1996 Loss of Situational Awareness, Helijet Airways Inc., Sikorsky S-76A (Helicopter) C-GHJL Victoria Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF122 KB
9/24/1996 Losses of Separation, between, Air Ontario de Havilland DHC-8-301 C-GUON and, Canadian Airlines International, Douglas DC-10-30 C-GCPI, and between Air Canada, Airbus A320-211 C-FDSN and, Canadian Airlines International, Airbus A320-211 C-FLSI, Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF58 KB
8/17/1996 Loss of Control (Stall), Orillia Aviation Ltd, Cessna 150 C-GAXG Orillia, Ontario

Adobe© PDF79 KB
7/18/1996 Engine Fire, Royal Aviation Inc. Boeing 727-217 C-GRYC Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF86 KB
6/27/1996 Loss of Control Spin, Trentair Aviation Ltd, Cessna 150 M C-GNCF Peterborough, Ontario

Adobe© PDF101 KB
3/23/1996 Broke Through Ice/ Sank in Water, Aeronca 11CC Super Chief C-FNGV Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 5 nm E

Adobe© PDF19 KB
2/26/1996 Controlled Flight Path into a Tree, Aero Academy Ltd., Cessna 172N C-GQVU Centalia/Huron Airpark, Ontario 0.5 nm W

Adobe© PDF202 KB
2/19/1996 Control Difficulty, Tail Strike Air Canada Boeing 747-433, Combi C-GAGL Toronto/Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF17 KB
2/8/1996 In-Flight Collision with Trees, GC-Air Nord Inc., Beech A100 King Air C-GAVI Peterborough, Ontario

Adobe© PDF247 KB
10/20/1996 Collision with Terrain, Telford Aviation Inc., Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain N744W Eel River Crossing, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF81 KB
12/19/1996 Power Loss/Collision with Terrain, Beaver Air Services Ltd., Piper PA31-310 Navajo C-GERV Pukatawagan, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF73 KB
11/6/1996 Uncommanded Gear Retraction, Perimeter Airlines (Inland) Ltd, Swearingen SA226-TC Metro C-GYRD Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF114 KB
10/22/1996 In-flight Fire, Perimeter Aviation Ltd, Beech Aircraft Corporation 95-B55 Baron C-GCIK Thunder Bay, Ontario 28.5 nm W

Adobe© PDF116 KB
7/6/1996 VFR Flight Into Adverse Weather, Rusty Myers Flying Service, Beech D18S C-FBGO Sioux Lookout, Ontario 35 nm SE

Adobe© PDF114 KB
6/15/1996 Flight into Terrain, Piper Comanche PA24-250 N6541P (USA) Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF111 KB
6/16/1996 In-flight Fire, Wildcountry Airways Ltd., De Havilland DHC-3 Otter C-FMEL Cochenour, Ontario 5 nm E

Adobe© PDF86 KB
6/1/1996 Between Northwest Territorial Airways, Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI, and Northwest Airlines, Boeing 747-451 N666US Winnipeg, Manitoba 160 nm NE

Adobe© PDF21 KB
2/15/1996 Risk of Collision, Between Wildcountry Airways Ltd, Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-FPIO, and Fast Air Ltd, Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C-GMDL Dryden, Ontario 18 nm NW

Adobe© PDF28 KB
1/10/1996 Controlled flight into terrain, CESSNA T210M Centurion C-GPID FLIN FLON airport, Manitoba 1.5 mi S

Adobe© PDF122 KB
12/6/1996 Collision with Level Terrain, Chrysler Aviation Inc., Learjet Corporation L36A N14TX Stephenville, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF65 KB
9/30/1996 Collision with Water, Castle Rock Exploration Corp., De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver C-FFHF Portage Lake, Labrador 3 km NE

Adobe© PDF113 KB
8/12/1996 Smoke in the Cockpit, American Airlines Inc., Boeing 767-223 N316AA Sydney, Nova Scotia 44 nm NE

Adobe© PDF213 KB
7/27/1996 Risk of Collision Between, Martinair Holland Boeing 767 P-HMCL, and Air France Boeing 747 F-BPVS Stephenville, Newfoundland 45 nm NW

Adobe© PDF90 KB
7/22/1996 Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Cargair Ltée, Cessna 172N C-GBZG St. Pauls Inlet, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF22 KB
6/16/1996 Power Loss/Hard Landing, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, McDonnell Douglas 369E C-FGJK Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF91 KB
4/18/1996 Aviation Occurrence Report Loss of Separation, Between, Newfoundland Government Air Services, Beechcraft King Air A-100 C-FGNL, and Provincial Airlines Limited, Fairchild SA227AC C-FIPW St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF30 KB
4/8/1996 Take-off/Landing Event, Air Canada, Canadair CL 600-2B19 Fredericton, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF36 KB
4/3/1996 Runway Overrun, Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter Ltd., Boeing 727-172C C-GKFT Moncton, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF682 KB
3/8/1996 Tail Strike on Landing, Canadian Airlines International, Boeing 767-375 C-FOCA Halifax, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF113 KB
12/20/1995 Near collision with stationary aircraft, between, Canadian Airlines International Ltd., BOEING 737-200 C-FCPN and Carson Air Ltd., PIPER PA-42 CHEYENNE C-FWCC Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF1,010 KB
11/28/1995 Uncontrolled Descent/Collision with Terrain, Aero Commander 700 N9920S Castlegar, British Columbia 15 nm SE

Adobe© PDF34 KB
11/1/1995 Component Failure/Landing gear torque linkbr /> Canadian Regional Airlines, FOKKER F28-Mk1000 C-FCRK Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF24 KB
10/19/1995 Fuel Exhaustion, Canadian Helicopters Ltd., Aerospatiale AS 350B ECUREUIL, (Helicopter) C- GVMS Canmore, Alberta 25 nm SW

Adobe© PDF70 KB
9/26/1995 Separation in flight Cowling, Contact Airways Ltd., BEECH KING AIR 100 C-GNAA Edmonton, Alberta 50 NM N

Adobe© PDF60 KB
9/9/1995 Airframe Failure Wing, MAGAL CUBY II (ULTRALIGHT) C-IEXR LEGAL, Alberta 4 NM W

Adobe© PDF23 KB
8/18/1995 Loss of Control - Collision with Terrain, Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III C-GTOG Teslin, Yukon

Adobe© PDF163 KB
3/1/1995 Runway Overrun, Lignum Ltd., Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond C-GLIG Jasper-Hinton Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF23 KB
12/12/1995 Collision with Person, Viking Helicopters Ltd., AS350 BA (Helicopter) C-GDLY Sept-Îles, Quebec 160 nm NW

Adobe© PDF28 KB
12/5/1995 Fire in Baggage Compartment, Inter Canadien, Fokker F-28 MK 1000 C-FCRI Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF19 KB
11/2/1995 Collision with Terrain, Niagara Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206L-3 Long Ranger III (Helicopter) C-FLYO, Montreal International (Mirabel) Airport, Quebec 20 mi SW

Adobe© PDF56 KB
10/26/1995 Mid-Air Collision, Between Cessna 180 C-FYKD, and Cessna 150 C-GLHJ Saint-François-de-Laval, Quebec

Adobe© PDF39 KB
10/22/1995 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Cessna 402 N67850 Wabush, Newfoundland 23 nm NW

Adobe© PDF24 KB
10/15/1995 Collision with Vehicle, Air France, Boeing 747-200 F-BPVV Montreal International (Mirabel) Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF16 KB
10/1/1995 Propeller Failure, Pelican C-IAZR Chenail-du-Moine, Québec

Adobe© PDF19 KB
7/27/1995 Power loss in left engine, ditching confortair, PIPER NAVAJO PA31-350 C-GVWM Sept-Îles, Québec 24 mi S

Adobe© PDF17 KB
7/4/1995 Loss of Power, Air Alma Inc., Bell 206L-1 Long Ranger (Helicopter) C-GLBA Fontange, Quebec 1 mi W

Adobe© PDF52 KB
7/1/1995 In-flight Loss of Propeller Blade, Classair Aviation Inc., Normand Dubé Aviation, Aerocruiser (Ultralight) C-FCOL Lavaltrie, Quebec

Adobe© PDF32 KB
6/17/1995 Flight into Adverse Weather, Ground Impact, Transportair, Cessna 182RG C-GBXO Bégin, Quebec 3.5 nm N

Adobe© PDF107 KB
6/6/1995 Risk of Collision, Between Air Transat, Lockheed L-1011 C-FTNC, and Inter-Canadien, Aérospatiale ATR 42 C-GXCP Quebec VOR 19 nm SW

Adobe© PDF58 KB
5/13/1995 Collision with Terrain, Cessna U206F C-GJGM Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec 10 mi SW

Adobe© PDF14 KB
5/9/1995 In-flight Separation, Aérotech Aviation, Beaver RX650 C-IDFL Saint-Mathias, Quebec

Adobe© PDF257 KB
1/21/1995 Collision with Vehicle Royal Air Maroc, Boeing 747-400 CN-RGA Montreal (Mirabel) International Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF18 KB
12/5/1995 Canadian Airlines International, -200 C-GCPS Vancouver, British Columbia 60 nm E

Adobe© PDF539 KB
11/22/1995 Collision with Trees, Navair Charter Inc., Piper PA-31 (NAVAJO) C-GKNB Kamloops, British Columbia 7 nm ESE

Adobe© PDF97 KB
6/27/1995 Engine Fire and Evacuation, Air Canada, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 C-FTMD Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF555 KB
4/6/1995 Loss of Off-wing Slide in Flight, Air Canada Boeing 767-233 C-GAUH Vancouver, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF955 KB
1/11/1995 Controlled Flight into Water, Canada Jet Charters Limited, Learjet 35 C-GPUN Masset, British Columbia 8 nm NW

Adobe© PDF383 KB
11/14/1995 Aviation Occurrence Report Engine Failure, Air Canada Airbus A320-211 C-FFWJ, Montreal International (Dorval) Airport, Quebec 45 nm W

Adobe© PDF19 KB
7/28/1995 Collision with terrain in adverse weather, CESSNA 310Q C-FAKW Caledon, Ontario 2 mi W

Adobe© PDF368 KB
10/19/1995 Rejected Take-off/Runway Overrun, Canadian Airlines International, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30ER C-GCPF, Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF543 KB
9/27/1995 VFR into IMC / Controlled Flight into Terrain, Western Straits Air, de Havilland DHC-3 (Turbine) Otter C-FEBX Campbell River, British Columbia 7 nm NW

Adobe© PDF620 KB
5/1/1995 Mid-Air Collision Between, Bearskin Airlines Fairchild Metro 23 C-GYYB and, Air Sandy Inc. Registration PA-31 Navajo C-GYPZ Sioux Lookout, Ontario 12 nm NW

Adobe© PDF684 KB
3/1/1995 Altitude Related Event - Uncontrolled Deviation, TAROM - Romanian Air Transport, Airbus Industrie A310-325 YR-LCA Near Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

Adobe© PDF333 KB
11/25/1995 Collision with Frozen Lake, Eagle Air Services, Piper PA-31-325 Navajo C-GOLM Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan 1 nm NE

Adobe© PDF33 KB
7/7/1995 Engine power loss / mechanical malfunction, Skyteck Aviation Ltd., BELL 206B JETRANGER, (HELICOPTER) C-GXNM Drydec, Ontario 4 mi NW

Adobe© PDF406 KB
6/28/1995 Collision with Water, Northern Mountain Helicopters, Bell 205A-1 (Helicopter) C-GNMR Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF320 KB
6/18/1995 Risk of Collision, Between, Air Canada Airbus Industrie A320 -FNNA and, Canadian Airlines International Boeing 737 C-GFCP Broadview, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF1,673 KB
6/5/1995 Landing Gear Failure / Capsizing, Enterlake Air Services Ltd. (Selkirk Air), Beech Aircraft Corporation 3T Beech 18 C-FSFH Bradburn Lake, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF447 KB
2/21/1995 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Bearskin Lake Air Services Ltd., Beechcraft A100 C-GYQT Big Trout Lake Airport, Ontario - 3 mi NW

Adobe© PDF171 KB
9/16/1995 Loss of Separationbr /> between, Canada 3000 BOEING Company 757 C-FOOH and, American Airlines Inc, BOEING Company 767 N322AA Natashquan, Québec

Adobe© PDF471 KB
5/11/1995 Runway Overrun, Royal Aviation Inc., Boeing Company 727-217 C-GRYR St. John's, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF940 KB
3/8/1995 Risk of Collision, Between, Delta Air Lines Lockheed L1011 N740DA and, British Airways Boeing 747 G-AWNH North Atlantic

Adobe© PDF709 KB
2/25/1995 Wirestrike, Government of Canada,, Canadian Coast Guard, Bell 206L (Helicopter) C-GCHN Margaree River, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF388 KB
9/12/1994 Collision with Terrain, Piper PA 32-301T Saratoga N8337M, Rancheria, Yukon Territory 6 nm NNW Rancheria, Yukon Territory 6 nm NNW

Adobe© PDF386 KB
9/2/1994 Tail Rotor Drive Shaft Failure During Hover, Great Slave Helicopters Ltd., Bell 206B JetRanger III (Helicopter) C-FPQS, Walmsley Lake, Northwest Territories Walmsley Lake, Northwest Territories

Adobe© PDF374 KB
8/28/1994 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 150G C-FKMJ, Canmore, Alberta 6 nm N Canmore, Alberta 6 nm N

Adobe© PDF597 KB
8/22/1994 Controlled Descent / Forced Landing, Mooney M-20C CF-MBV, Ross River, Yukon Territory 50 nm SW Ross River, Yukon Territory 50 nm SW

Adobe© PDF393 KB
8/14/1994 Loss of Control due to Main Rotor Component Progressive Failure, Les Hélicoptères Abitibi Ltée, Aerospatiale AS350BA Astar (Helicopter), C-FHAG, Smoky Tower, Alberta 12 nm SE Smoky Tower, Alberta 12 nm SE

Adobe© PDF431 KB
7/26/1994 Fuel Contaminationbr /> Frontier Helicopters, A Division of Conair Aviation Ltd., Bell 206B JetRanger III (Helicopter) C-GLGF, Watson Lake Airport, Yukon 1.8 nm S Watson Lake Airport, Yukon 1.8 nm S

Adobe© PDF374 KB
6/27/1994 Loss of Directional Control Following Tail Rotor Strike During Autorotative Landing, Okotoks Flight Centre Inc., Hughes 269C (Helicopter) C-FQCN, Okotoks Air Park, Okotoks, Alberta Okotoks Air Park, Okotoks, Alberta

Adobe© PDF381 KB
6/27/1994 Wing Failure, Taylorcraft BC12D-85 C-FXWA, Sylvan Lake, Alberta 3 mi SW Sylvan Lake, Alberta 3 mi SW

Adobe© PDF462 KB
6/26/1994 Fuel Exhaustion, Buffalo Airways (1986) Ltd., Douglas DC-3C C-FROD, Fort Simpson Airport,, Northwest Territories .5 nm SW Northwest Territories .5 nm SW

Adobe© PDF234 KB
5/25/1994 Stall During Initial Climb, Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser C-GEDA, High Prairie Airport, Alberta High Prairie Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF239 KB
4/4/1994 Engine Failure / Hard Landing, Turbowest Helicopters Limited, Aerospatiale AS350B Astar (Helicopter) C-FHBG, High Prairie, Alberta 62 nm NE High Prairie, Alberta 62 nm NE

Adobe© PDF255 KB
3/15/1994 Stall at Low Altitude, Edmonton Flying Club, Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon C-GWZE, Villeneuve, Alberta Villeneuve, Alberta

Adobe© PDF400 KB
3/8/1994 Declared Emergency/Wheel Failure, Advance Air Charters, McDonnell Douglas DC-8-62F C-FHAA, Calgary International Airport, Alberta Calgary International Airport, Alberta

Adobe© PDF14 KB
12/12/1994 Nosewheel Failure on Landingbr /> Régionair Inc., DHC-6-200 (Twin Otter) C-FJCL, Tête-à-la-Baleine, Quebec Tête-à-la-Baleine, Quebec

Adobe© PDF17 KB
12/6/1994 Risk of Collision, Between, Air Alliance DeHavilland DHC-8-102 C-FGRY, and, Inter Canadien Fokker F.28 MK 1000 C-FCRI, Quebec City Airport/Jean Lesage International Quebec City Airport/Jean Lesage International

Adobe© PDF397 KB
11/23/1994 Instrument Approach / Ground Impact, Air Satellite, Cessna 402B C-FFAS, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec 1.5 nm E Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec 1.5 nm E

Adobe© PDF20 KB
10/15/1994 Stall and Loss of Control During Initial Climb, Champion/7EAC C-GUHX, Sainte-Marie-Salomé, Quebec Sainte-Marie-Salomé, Quebec

Adobe© PDF427 KB
9/24/1994 VFR Flight into Adverse Flight Conditionsbr /> Héli-Harricana Inc., Eurocopter AS350B écureuil (Helicopter) C-FPHI, Kuujjuaq, Quebec 38 mi NE Kuujjuaq, Quebec 38 mi NE

Adobe© PDF373 KB
9/4/1994 Left Wing Failure in Flight, Tieratorn/Tierra II (Ultralight) C-IFHO, Blouin Lake, Quebec Blouin Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF51 KB
8/27/1994 Fuel Starvation, Cessna 182 C-FAQC, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Quebec Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, Quebec

Adobe© PDF406 KB
8/3/1994 Loss of Control During Climb, Les Ailes de Charlevoix inc., Cessna 421C Golden Eagle C-GVPB, Charlevoix, Quebec 2 km SE Charlevoix, Quebec 2 km SE

Adobe© PDF1,231 KB
7/24/1994 Loss of Control Stall, Champion 7GCB Citabria C-GGTD, Boily Lake, Quebec Boily Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF20 KB
6/19/1994 Loss of Control on Take-off, Zenair CH701 C-FFEW, Croche Lake, Quebec Croche Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF57 KB
6/15/1994 Overshoot Landing, Transport Air, Piper PA 23-250 C-GPJQ, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec

Adobe© PDF344 KB
3/14/1994 Flight in Unfavourable Weather, Fleet 80 Canuck C-FEBF, Holden Lake, Quebec Holden Lake, Quebec

Adobe© PDF374 KB
3/13/1994 Loss of Propeller in Flight, and Cabin Depressurization, Inter-Canadien ATR 42-300 C-GIQV, Val D'Or, Quebec 53 mi SE Val D'Or, Quebec 53 mi SE

Adobe© PDF402 KB
1/11/1994 Engine Failure on Initial Climb, Amphibec (Ultralight) C-FPXF, Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec

Adobe© PDF389 KB
1/11/1994 Collision with Surface of Ice, Trans-Côte, Piper PA-31-310 C-GDOU, Strait of Belle-Isle, Quebec Strait of Belle-Isle, Quebec

Adobe© PDF13 KB
10/19/1994 Aviation Occurrence Report Forced Landing - Main Rotor/Tree Strike, Abitibi Helicopters Limited, Aerospatiale SNI AS 350BA (Helicopter), Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia 31 nm WNW Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia 31 nm WNW

Adobe© PDF405 KB
9/17/1994 Amended Report, Flight Control Failure, Pacific Coastal Airlines, de Havilland DHC-6-100 Twin Otter C-FDMR, Port Hardy, British Columbia 56 nm N Port Hardy, British Columbia 56 nm N

Adobe© PDF19 KB
8/31/1994 Air Proximity - Safety Not Assured, Between, Time Air, Shorts SD360, Cc-FCRB, and, Department of National Defence, Lockheed CT-133, T-BIRD, 133543, Vancouver, British Columbia 17 nm S Vancouver, British Columbia 17 nm S

Adobe© PDF240 KB
6/23/1994 Collision with Terrain Harbour Air, De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver C-FDTI, Sandspit, British Columbia 34 nm W Sandspit, British Columbia 34 nm W

Adobe© PDF384 KB
5/25/1994 Blue Ice Flightseeing Inc., Piper PA-32-260 C-GQKF, Stewart, British Columbia 17 nm NW Stewart, British Columbia 17 nm NW

Adobe© PDF17 KB
5/10/1994 Tail Rotor Transmission Separation, Northern Mountain Helicopters Ltd., Hughes Helicopter 369D C-GPDH, Messalinka Camp, British Columbia Messalinka Camp, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF262 KB
4/24/1994 Aviation Occurrence Report VFR Flight into IMC - Loss of Control, Southern Interior Flight Centre Ltd., Cessna 172M C-GIWX, Hope Slide, British Columbia Hope Slide, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF315 KB
3/18/1994 Aviation Occurrence Report Loss of Engine Power, Canadian Helicopters Limited, Aerospatiale AS 350B, Astar, (Helicopter) C-GAHG, Golden, British Columbia 30 mi N Golden, British Columbia 30 mi N

Adobe© PDF176 KB
1/21/1994 Runway Excursion, Air BC British Aerospace BAe 146-200 C-FBAB, Terrace, British Columbia Terrace, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF391 KB
12/3/1994 Loss of Control/Spin, Department of National Defence, Bellanca 8GCBC Scout C-GQIM, Mountain View, Ontario Mountain View, Ontario

Adobe© PDF377 KB
10/22/1994 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 172M Skyhawk C-GFVF, Brantford Airport, Ontario Brantford Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF378 KB
9/27/1994 Uncontrolled Descent Spin, Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N8784A, Port Maitland, Ontario 12 nm SW Port Maitland, Ontario 12 nm SW

Adobe© PDF389 KB
8/19/1994 Collision with Terrain, Piper PA-46-310P Malibu C-GSEV, Killarney Airport, Ontario 4.4 nm NE Killarney Airport, Ontario 4.4 nm NE

Adobe© PDF176 KB
8/14/1994 Collision with Tree, Rainbow Airways Incorporated, Cessna A185E Skywagon C-FVZM, Noganosh Lake, Ontario Noganosh Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF371 KB
7/20/1994 Air Proximity Event, Between, Samaritan Air Service Limited, Learjet 35A C-FHLO and Jetall Holdings Corporation, Convair 340/580 C-GJTU, 25 nm SW Lester B. Pearson Intl Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF15 KB
6/5/1994 Collision - Wave, Consolidated Aeronautics Inc, LA-4-200 Lake Buccaneer, C-GOCU, Cooks Bay, Ontario Cooks Bay, Ontario

Adobe© PDF31 KB
5/31/1994 Loss of Separation Risk of Collision, Between, Canadian Regional Airlines, Aerospatiale ATR-42-300 C-FQCP, and, Canadian Regional Airlines, Aerospatiale ATR-42-300 C-GICY, Timmins Airport, Ontario 10 nm SW Timmins Airport, Ontario 10 nm SW

Adobe© PDF405 KB
2/24/1994 Missing Aircraft, Piper PA-28-140 C-GXGB, Lake Ontario Lake Ontario

Adobe© PDF315 KB
2/23/1994 Runway Excursion, Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd., Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III C-FFZN, North Bay Airport, Ontario North Bay Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF353 KB
1/29/1994 Flight into Terrain, Westland Helicopters Inc., Bell 206 BIII JetRanger (Helicopter) C-GRAH, Houston, British Columbia 2.5 mi N Houston, British Columbia 2.5 mi N

Adobe© PDF208 KB
12/14/1994 Tailstrike on Landing, Canada 3000 Airlines Ltd., Boeing 757-28A, C-FXOO, Acapulco, Mexico Acapulco, Mexico

Adobe© PDF483 KB
11/2/1994 Risks of Collision, Between Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd., Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III C-GYHD, and Canadian Regional Airlines Ltd., Fokker F-28 MK. 1000 C-GTUU and, Between Bearskin Lake Air Service Ltd., Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III C-GYHD and, Private Operator Cessna 152 C-FGEK and, Between Canadian Regional Airlines Ltd., Fokker F-28 MK. 1000 C-GTUU and, Southern Aviation Ltd., Cessna 414 C-FSAL, Winnipeg Intl Airport, Manitoba Winnipeg Intl Airport, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF16 KB
8/19/1994 Hydraulic System Failure, Canadian Airlines International Ltd., Boeing 737-242C C-GNDC, Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF664 KB
8/11/1994 In-Flight Loss of Control, Supermarine Aircraft Inc., PZL M18A Dromader, Little Muskrat Lake, Ontario Little Muskrat Lake, Ontario

Adobe© PDF377 KB
7/26/1994 Power Loss, Athabaska Airways Ltd., Bell 206B III JetRanger C-GELT, Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan 19 nm S Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan 19 nm S

Adobe© PDF397 KB
6/29/1994 Collision with Terrain, Cessna 188 Agwagon C-GYUD, Marengo, Saskatchewan 2 mi S Marengo, Saskatchewan 2 mi S

Adobe© PDF229 KB
6/18/1994 Bird Strike, Wisconsin Aviation Incorporated, Cessna 441 Conquest N441CA, Fort Frances Airport, Ontario Fort Frances Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF991 KB
6/1/1994 Controlled Flight into Obstacle and Terrain, Keewatin Air Limited, Swearingen Merlin II C-FFYC, Thompson, Manitoba Thompson, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF233 KB
5/15/1994 Stall/Spin, Tail Winds Light Aircraft Inc., Aces High Cuby II (Advanced Ultralight) C-FQYD, Kenaston, Saskatchewan 8 nm W Kenaston, Saskatchewan 8 nm W

Adobe© PDF228 KB
4/24/1994 Fuel Starvation, Collision with Terrain, Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser C-GQPI, Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba 27 nm W Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba 27 nm W

Adobe© PDF924 KB
3/5/1994 Uncontained Engine Failure, Air Canada, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 C-FTMG, Regina, Saskatchewan Regina, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF566 KB
1/27/1994 Loss of Altitude Control During Circling Approach, Millar Western Industries Limited, IAI 1124A, Westwind II C-FMWW Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan

Adobe© PDF324 KB
1/20/1994 Runway Excursion, Calm Air International Ltd., Hawker Siddeley HS 748-2A C-GDOP, Thompson, Manitoba Thompson, Manitoba

Adobe© PDF381 KB
12/29/1994 Engine Component Failure/Intentional Shutdown, Air Nova British Aerospace BAe-146-200 C-GRNV, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A. Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Adobe© PDF557 KB
12/17/1994 Collision with Snowbank, Truro Flying Club, Cessna Aircraft Company C152 C-GREJ, Debert, Nova Scotia Debert, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF381 KB
9/15/1994 Power Loss Forced Landing, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited, Bell Helicopter Textron 206L, Long Ranger C-FUHL, Porcupine Point, Labrador Porcupine Point, Labrador

Adobe© PDF408 KB
6/27/1994 Brake Malfunction, Provincial Airlines Ltd., Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain C-GWLW Fox Harbour, Newfoundland

Adobe© PDF478 KB
4/14/1994 Near Collision with Building, Provincial Airlines Ltd., Swearingen SA226-AT Merlin C-GTMW, Sydney, Nova Scotia Sydney, Nova Scotia

Adobe© PDF404 KB
1/4/1994 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Preferred Flights Inc., Piper PA31-350 Navajo Chieftain C-GNPG Bathurst, New Brunswick

Adobe© PDF364 KB
12/3/1993 Marine Power Loss/Loss of Control, Arctic Wings and Rotors, Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2A-20 Islander, C-GMOP Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories 7.7 mi SE

Adobe© PDF124 KB
9/24/1993 Loss of Tail Rotor Authority, Tail Rotor Drive Train Failure, Campbell Helicopters Ltd., Bell B205A-1 (Helicopter) C-FJTF Edson, Alberta 48 nm S

Adobe© PDF205 KB
12/1/1993 Collision with Terrain, Fonds du Service Aérien Gouvernemental, Shorts SD3-30 Variant 300 C-FPQE Umiujaq, Quebec

Adobe© PDF157 KB
11/28/1993 Cabin Fire, Northwest Airlines, Boeing 727-200 N278US Montreal International (Dorval) Airport, Quebec

Adobe© PDF231 KB
12/4/1993 Loss of Control During Single-Engine Operation, Waglisla Air Ltd. Grumman G21A Goose, C-FUMG Prince Rupert, British Columbia 4 mi S

Adobe© PDF162 KB
7/21/1993 Runway Excursion, Canair Cargo Ltd. Convair 580 C-GQHB Tofino, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF163 KB
11/25/1993 ATS Related Event, Between Air Ontario Ltd., De Havilland DHC-8 C-GONX and, Canadian Forces Canadair Ltd. CT-114 Tutor Sault Ste. Marie Airport, Ontario

Adobe© PDF244 KB
10/9/1993 Loss of Control, Beech B58P Baron C-FKSB, 1.8 NM West of Toronto Island Airport Toronto, Ontario

Adobe© PDF425 KB
11/10/1993 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Air Manitoba Limited, Hawker Siddeley, HS 748 Series 2A C-GQTH Sandy Lake, Ontario 1 nm NW

Adobe© PDF176 KB
10/12/1993 Controlled Flight into Terrain, Athabaska Airways Limited, Cessna 310R C-GILR Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan 1 mi NE

Adobe© PDF186 KB
9/11/1991 Runway Excursion, Piper PA 23-250 Aztec C-GIFD Chilliwack, British Columbia

Adobe© PDF197 KB
10/22/1990 Trans Provincial Airlines, Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain C-GKIY, 39 NM North of Terrace, British Columbia Terrace, British Columbia
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