Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients

TSB employees awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Elaine Summers

Elaine Summers is a senior technical analyst at the TSB Laboratory in Ottawa, and has dedicated her career to the advancement of aviation safety. She joined the TSB in 1988, and has participated in numerous investigations since then, including as the Maintenance Group chair and the Power Plants chair on major accidents. Elaine, the second woman in Canada to obtain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license, has been a role model and an advocate for young women, encouraging them to consider non-traditional careers.

John Britten

John Britten is a senior air investigator at the head office in Gatineau. His contributions to Canada include a distinguished 29-year military career and 16 years at the TSB. He has provided expert advice to countless national and international aviation accident investigations. He has also been a driving force behind many TSB safety communications, including critical safety messages resulting from the Swissair Flight 111 and Cougar Flight 491 investigations.

Tom Griffith

Tom Griffith is a senior rail investigator at the TSB's Richmond Hill office. He has worked in the rail industry for 53 years—13 years with CP, 11 years with CN, 6 years with the CTC/NTA, and 23 years with the TSB. Through that time he has witnessed massive change in the industry, participated in hundreds of investigations—28 of them as Investigator-in-Charge (IIC)—and has made a valuable contribution to enhancing rail safety.

Photos of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients

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