Chronology of Events - Flight MK 1602

The information in the chronology of events has been provided by various sources to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada within the context of the MK 1602, 747-200 Halifax accident investigation (A04H0004)

13 Oct. 1545 UTC Aircraft departs Luxembourg
  2332 UTC Arrives at Bradley, Connecticut (U.S.); flight becomes 1602
14 Oct. 0115 UTC Aircraft refueled
  0403 UTC Departs Bradley
  0208:16 Contact with Halifax Tower
  0208:32 Cleared to land on Runway 24 by Halifax Tower
  Approx. 0212:10 1602 lands in Halifax
  0323 Load Plan is updated
  0347:37 Requests taxi – cleared delta hold short Runway 24
  0350:37 Cleared backtrack to position on Runway 24
  0351 Given departure clearance by tower and reads back
  0352:50 Cleared take-off from Runway 24 and conducts rolling take-off from near the end of Runway 24
  Approx. 0354:26 Aircraft tail section strikes berm
  Approx. 0354:32 Aircraft strikes power line
  0354:33 Airfield power lost
  Approx. 0354:33 Main fuselage impacts
  0354:34 Crash alarm activated
  Approx. 0354:35 Emergency response initiated