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TSB Quarterly Review — First quarter 2017-18

ISSN 2369-7954

July 2017

Chair's message

It has been a busy quarter at the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. Over the past three months, the TSB held two news conferences, deployed investigators to 19 occurrence sites across the country, released 13 investigation reports, and started 7 new investigations.

One particular highlight is our recently released investigation into the tragic capsizing of the Leviathan II, a whale-watching vessel accident that occurred off the west coast of Vancouver Island in 2015. That investigation led to three Marine recommendations addressing the carriage of emergency beacons, the identification of conditions that can lead to hazardous waves off the west coast of Vancouver Island and strategies to avoid them, and the need for passenger-vessel operators to have explicit risk-management processes. In this first quarter, we also released our investigation report into the 2015 collision with terrain of Air Canada flight 624 at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport.

Amendments to the CTAISB Act have been tabled in Parliament to remove legislative barriers that preclude anyone but the TSB from using on-board voice and video recordings and pave the way for the use of these recordings for proactive safety management purposes.

In addition, we recently presented several TSB employees with awards at our annual ceremony during last month's National Public Service Week.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Quarterly Review.

Kathy Fox

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Animation - Collision with terrain at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (A15H0002)

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