• Loss of propulsion of the tug Jose Narvaez with barge TCT 8000 on the South Arm Fraser River, British Columbia, 11 February 2014

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    On 11 February 2014, at approximately 0305 Pacific Standard Time, the tug Jose Narvaez, while towing the empty barge TCT 8000 down the South Arm Fraser River, British Columbia, sustained a loss of propulsion due to a main engine seizure. The tug and barge were towed back to the Lafarge marine dock and secured. The main engine was deemed a constructive loss; there were no injuries or pollution.

  • Grounding and subsequent sinking of the small fishing vessel Marie J, Tabusintac Bay, New Brunswick, 18 May 2013

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    On 18 May 2013, at approximately 0530 Atlantic Daylight Time, the small lobster fishing vessel Marie J grounded on a sandbar while returning to McEachern's Point harbour in Tabusintac Bay, New Brunswick, in bad weather. The vessel remained awash on the sandbar for approximately 20 minutes before it was pushed over the sandbar into deeper water by breaking waves and subsequently sank.

  • Main-track derailment, Canadian Pacific Railway, freight train 119-01 at mile 112.70, Parry Sound Subdivision, Wanup, Ontario on 02 June 2013

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    On 02 June 2013, at about 1000 Eastern Daylight Time, Canadian Pacific Railway freight train 119-01 was proceeding northward at 35 mph when 6 cars (including 12 car bodies and 20 containers) derailed. Some of the derailed cars struck the railway bridge that traversed the Wanapitei River (Mile 112.80 on the Parry Sound Subdivision) near Wanup, Ontario. As a result of the impact, the bridge collapsed and 7 containers, some carrying dangerous goods, fell into the river. Two containers sunk to the bottom of the river and the other 5 containers remained afloat. There were no injuries, and no dangerous goods were released.

  • Grounding of container vessel Cap Blanche on the Fraser River, British Columbia on 25 January 2014

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    On 25 January 2014, at 2156 Pacific Standard Time, the container vessel Cap Blanche grounded within the buoyed channel in the Steveston Bend, British Columbia. The vessel was under the conduct of a pilot and was in reduced visibility due to fog. The Cap Blanche was refloated approximately 30 minutes after the grounding. There was minimal damage, there were no injuries, and no pollution occurred.