Ongoing rail investigations

All the ongoing rail investigations are listed below. Additional information about some of these investigations is available: click on the number of the investigation to read the details.

Investigation number Occurrence date Investigation name Location
R17C0074 2017-10-03 Main track derailment Maple Creek subdivision, Antelope, Saskatchewan
R17W0190 2017-09-02 Employee injury Broadview Subdivision, Brandon, Manitoba
R17W0175 2017-08-11 Main track derailment Dominion City, Manitoba
R17T0170 2017-07-31 Employee injury, CP Quebec St. Yard London, Ontario
R17Q0061 2017-07-25 Uncontrolled movement Mai, Quebec
R17T0164 2017-07-19 Derailment Strathroy, Ontario
R17V0096 2017-04-22 Derailment Woss, British Columbia
R17H0015 2017-02-13 Crossing accident Colborne, Ontario
R16V0195 2016-12-18 Contractor employee injury Delta, British Columbia
R16W0242 2016-11-29 Main-track train collision Estevan, Saskatchewan
R16E0102 2016-10-29 Derailment Grande Cache, Alberta
R16D0092 2016-09-20 Crossing accident Sainte-Ursule, Quebec
R16C0065 2016-09-03 Collision Calgary, Alberta
R16D0076 2016-08-18 Crossing accident Saint-Norbert, Quebec
R16M0026 2016-07-27 Crossing accident Moncton, New Brunswick
R16T0111 2016-06-17 Uncontrolled movement MacMillan Yard, Toronto, Ontario
R16E0051 2016-06-04 Collision Carvel, Alberta
R16W0074 2016-03-27 Uncontrolled rail car movement Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
R15T0173 2015-07-29 Runaway rolling stock, collision and derailment CN MacMillan Yard, Vaughan, Ontario