• In-flight engine fire leading to a forced landing, Piper PA-34-200, C-GNAS, Nadeau Air Service Inc., Victoriaville, Quebec, 2 nm E, 15 October 2012

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    The Piper PA-34-200 (registration C-GNAS, serial number 34-7350133) departed from the Trois-Rivières Airport, Quebec, with 2 pilots on board for an instrument training flight. At 2100 feet, during a missed approach to the Victoriaville, Quebec, Airport, the right engine experienced a catastrophic failure and caught fire. At 1402 Eastern Daylight Time, the pilot in training declared an emergency due to the engine fire, and indicated his intention to land. During this time, dense smoke was spreading in the cockpit. The aircraft turned back and quickly descended in an attempt to land in a field located 2 nautical miles east of the Victoriaville Airport. The aircraft struck the ground and came to rest inverted. The 2 pilots were seriously injured..

  • Loss of control and collision with terrain, TylAir Aviation Ltd., Cessna 172L, C-FQTR, Kamloops, British Columbia, 30 nm west, 06 August 2013

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    The Cessna 172L (registration C-FQTR, serial number 17259371) departed the Kamloops Airport, British Columbia, at about 1016 Pacific Daylight Time. The student pilot was the sole occupant of the aircraft for the 2-hour local training flight. When the aircraft did not return at the expected time, the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Victoria was notified of the overdue aircraft by TylAir Aviation Ltd., and a search was started. No emergency locator transmitter signal was received by the Canadian Mission Control Centre or reported by anyone else. The search and rescue team located the aircraft wreckage and the fatally injured pilot the following day. There was no post-impact fire.

  • Smoke in the cabin, Pascan Aviation Inc., Beechcraft B100, C-FLKS, Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport, Quebec, 21 February 2012

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    The Pascan Aviation Inc. Beechcraft B100 (registration C-FLKS, serial number BE123) operating as flight PSC123 departed the Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport, Quebec, at 0907 Eastern Standard Time on a chartered flight to Bagotville, Quebec, with 2 passengers and 2 flight crew members on board. During the climb out, through 15 400 feet above sea level, the flight crew noticed very light smoke in the cabin. At 0928, the flight crew declared an emergency and requested a return to the Montréal/Saint-Hubert Airport. The aircraft touched down at 0951 on Runway 24R with emergency services in attendance. There were no injuries and there was no fire.

  • Mid-air collision, Cessna 150F, C-FSQQ and STEMME S10-VT, C-FHAB, Pemberton, British Columbia, 3 nm W, 29 June 2013

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    The privately registered Cessna 150F (registration C-FSQQ, serial number 15061702) departed Lillooet, British Columbia, for Nanaimo, British Columbia, with the pilot, 1 passenger, and a dog on board. A privately registered Stemme S10-VT motor glider (registration C-FHAB, serial number 11-016) was inbound to Pemberton, British Columbia, after a local sightseeing flight, with the pilot and 1 passenger on board. Both aircraft were being operated in accordance with visual flight rules. At approximately 1218 Pacific Daylight Time, the 2 aircraft collided about 3 nautical miles west of Pemberton and struck the ground in the Nairn Falls Provincial Park Campsite.