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  • Collision and sinking of the tugs Albern and C.T. Titan in the Northumberland Channel, British Columbia, 24 May 2016

    Released on

    On 24 May 2016, at approximately 1730 Pacific Daylight Time, the tug C.T. Titan collided with the tug Albern in Northumberland Channel, British Columbia. The Albern capsized and sank, and the vessel's 2 crew members were rescued by the crew of the C.T. Titan. The C.T. Titan sustained damage to its hull; the Albern was not recovered. Minor pollution was reported.

  • Deck crane failure and fatality on unregistered aquaculture vessel at Milligan's Wharf, Prince Edward Island on 29 April 2016

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    On 29 April 2016, at approximately 1035 Atlantic Daylight Time, a small vessel was engaged in aquaculture operations 1 nautical mile east of Milligan's Wharf, Prince Edward Island, when the operator was fatally injured by the vessel's crane. The operator was working below the elevated boom of the crane when its hydraulic cylinder piston rod fractured, causing the boom and attached rigging to fall and strike his head, resulting in immediate death.

  • Temporary difficulty with aircraft control of Jazz Aviation LP (dba Air Canada Express), DHC-8-102, C-GJMO at Mont-Joli Airport, Quebec on 03 February 2016

    Released on

    The Jazz Aviation LP (doing business as Air Canada Express) DHC-8-102 (registration C-GJMO, serial number 079) was operating as flight 8964 (JZA8964) from Montréal/Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Quebec, to Mont-Joli Airport, Quebec, with 24 passengers and 3 crew members on board. At 1852 Eastern Standard Time, the Montréal Area Control Centre cleared JZA8964 for the area navigation approach for Runway 06 at Mont-Joli. As the aircraft was descending through 2480 feet above sea level with the landing gear down, the aircraft encountered moderate turbulence. The maximum landing gear extended speed was exceeded, and the pilot flying disconnected the autopilot. The pilot flying experienced temporary difficulty controlling the aircraft but was able to maintain the approach profile and carry out the landing with no further difficulty. After landing, the aircraft taxied normally to the air terminal, and the passengers disembarked. There were no injuries and no damage to the aircraft. The occurrence took place during the hours of darkness.

  • Main-track train derailment of Canadian National Railway Company freight train U70451-02 at mile 88.75, Ruel Subdivision, Gogama, Ontario on 07 March 2015

    Released on

    On 07 March 2015, at 0242 Eastern Standard Time, Canadian National Railway Company (CN) crude oil unit train U70451-02 was proceeding eastward at about 43 mph on CN's Ruel Subdivision when it experienced a train-initiated emergency brake application at Mile 88.70, near Gogama, Ontario. A subsequent inspection determined that the 6th to the 44th cars (39 cars in total) had derailed. As a result of the derailment, about 2.6 million litres of petroleum crude oil (UN1267) was released to atmosphere, water, or surface. The released product ignited and caused explosions, and some product entered the nearby Makami River. A CN bridge over the Makami River (at Mile 8.70) and about 1000 feet of track were destroyed. There was no evacuation, and there were no injuries.

  • Main-track train collision and derailment of Canadian Pacific Railway freight trains 235-21 and 118-18 at mile 3.3, North Toronto Subdivision, Toronto, Ontario on 21 August 2016

    Released on

    On 21 August 2016, at approximately 0517 Eastern Daylight Time, Canadian Pacific Railway freight train 118-18 was crossing from the north to the south track at approximately Mile 3.3 on the North Toronto Subdivision in Toronto, Ontario. Freight train 235-21, proceeding westward with 2 locomotives only, collided with the tail end of train 118-18. Four of train 118-18's intermodal cars (10 platforms) were struck and damaged. Four of the platforms derailed upright. The 2 locomotives of train 235-21 derailed upright. The fuel tank on train 7235-21's lead locomotive was punctured, resulting in the release of about 2500 litres of diesel fuel. A number of small fires were extinguished. The conductor of train 235-21 sustained injuries.

  • Capsizing and loss of life on the small fishing vessel C19496NB at Salmon Beach, New Brunswick on 16 June 2016

    Released on

    On 16 June 2016, at approximately 0445 Atlantic Daylight Time, the small fishing vessel C19496NB was lobster fishing with 3 people on board approximately 0.5 nautical miles from Miller Brook Wharf, Salmon Beach, New Brunswick, when one of the trap lines became entangled. The heavy strain on the line reduced the vessel's aft freeboard on its starboard side. In combination with the quartering seas that struck the same area of the vessel, this led to the vessel rapidly taking on water and capsizing. The 3  crew members were recovered by the fishing vessel Marie Eliser 1. One crew member received medical assistance for hypothermia, while the other 2 were pronounced dead by paramedics.

  • Grade crossing collision of Canadian National Railway Company in Langley, British Columbia on 11 September 2015

    Released on

    On 11 September 2015, at approximately 1120 Pacific Daylight Time, Canadian National Railway train Q10251-11, travelling northward on the Canadian Pacific Railway Page Subdivision, collided with an ambulance at the Crush Crescent–Glover Road crossing (Mile 18.81) in Langley, British Columbia. The paramedic in the patient compartment and the patient suffered injuries and were airlifted to hospital. The driver was transported to hospital, treated, and released. The patient later died of injuries sustained in the accident.